Violence under Anarchism | Michael Malice and Lex Fridman | Summary and Q&A

January 4, 2021
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Violence under Anarchism | Michael Malice and Lex Fridman


Yaron Brook argues that government's monopoly on violence is flawed, while advocating for anarchist principles as a means to prevent violence from escalating. However, he fails to provide evidence for the feasibility of his proposed system.

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Questions & Answers

Q: How does Yaron Brook argue against the notion that anarchism would lead to warlords and rampant violence?

Brook argues that the strongest arguments against anarchism are descriptions of the current system, which already exhibits violence and abuses of power. He suggests that under anarchism, violence can be minimized by allowing private security companies and personal security measures to maintain order.

Q: Does the existence of private companies and organizations handling disputes undermine the argument against having multiple security companies under anarchism?

Yes, the existence of companies like eBay, which act as arbitrators in disputes between parties, demonstrates that mechanisms can be developed to handle conflicts without a centralized authority. Furthermore, competition between security companies can lead to improved services and options for individuals.

Q: Can security and stability be achieved without a centralized system?

Yes, Brook argues that private companies can provide security services and establish their own standards. With modern technology, apps and certification systems can be developed to help individuals assess the safety of different locations and services. Stability would be achieved through mutually agreed-upon standards and competition among these entities.

Q: Is it feasible for anarchism to exist on a small scale, such as within specific regions or communities?

Yes, smaller experiments with anarchism, similar to autonomous regions or self-contained communities, can provide practical evidence for its viability. Countries like San Salvador demonstrate that not all regions need a centralized government to function, and external threats can be addressed through cooperation among different entities.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Yaron Brook highlights the difference between capitalism and anarchism, emphasizing that government's monopoly on violence can lead to abuse of power.

  • The argument against anarchism often centers around concerns of warlords and chaos, but the current system already exhibits similar problems.

  • Objective law can exist without a government monopoly, and alternative mechanisms such as private security companies can provide better security solutions.

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