Ovid's Metamorphoses | What's the Story, Wishbone? | Summary and Q&A

April 24, 2022
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Ovid's Metamorphoses | What's the Story, Wishbone?


In this video analysis, the YouTuber examines a Wishbone episode that adapts the myth of King Midas, comparing it to the original story and discussing themes of friendship, money, and morality.

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Questions & Answers

Q: How does the Wishbone TV show adapt the myth of King Midas?

The Wishbone episode stays true to the main elements of the myth, including King Midas' wish for the golden touch and his subsequent regret. However, some details are adjusted, such as the backstory of how Midas got his wish and the inclusion of the family element.

Q: What is the moral message conveyed in the Wishbone episode?

The episode emphasizes the importance of valuing people over money. Joe's mistreatment of his friends highlights the negative impact of prioritizing profits, while King Midas' realization that his family is more precious than gold reinforces the same theme.

Q: How does the inclusion of the modern storyline enhance the Wishbone episode?

The modern storyline involving Joe's business allows viewers to relate the moral message to real-life situations. It showcases the negative consequences of prioritizing financial success at the expense of friendships and highlights problematic practices in businesses.

Q: Did the Wishbone episode make any notable deviations from the original myth?

While the overall storyline of King Midas and his golden touch remains intact, the episode makes some adjustments. For example, it portrays Silenus, a friend of King Midas, as being beaten up, which differs from the original myth where Silenus is found wandering drunk.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The Wishbone TV show featured two interconnected storylines in each episode: an adaptation of a literary work and a modern-day story with a family and their dog, Wishbone.

  • In this episode, titled "The Entrepa Noir," the modern storyline revolves around Joe starting a grocery delivery business, while the literary adaptation focuses on the myth of King Midas.

  • Joe's business becomes successful, but he mistreats his friends, leading to their quitting, while King Midas regrets his wish for the golden touch and seeks to undo the consequences.

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