Why So Few Succeed | Robin Sharma | Summary and Q&A

November 22, 2018
Robin Sharma
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Why So Few Succeed | Robin Sharma


Many people fail to achieve their potential due to a lack of commitment to learning, study, and growth.

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Questions & Answers

Q: Why do so many people fail to succeed?

Many individuals become distracted and reactive, getting pulled into the noise and trivial attractions of modern life, which hinders their personal growth and potential.

Q: How can people reclaim their curiosity and passion?

It is important to reconnect with the curiosity and wonder we had as children, as our natural state is one of curiosity and passion. By practicing a mindset of continuous learning and growth, we can reignite our curiosity and passion for life.

Q: What are the core areas of investment for success?

The two core areas of investment are personal mastery and professional capability. By continuously learning and growing in these areas, individuals can double their income and impact, leading to greater success.

Q: Why should individuals engage in anti-majority behavior?

Engaging in anti-majority behavior means doing the opposite of what the majority of people do. Most people consume instead of creating and seek pleasure instead of facing discomfort. To achieve great success, one must go against the norm and adopt behaviors that lead to growth and achievement.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Many individuals get caught up in reactivity, distractions, and trivial attractions, preventing them from achieving their personal genius.

  • The brain craves learning and curiosity, but most people give up on personal growth after leaving school.

  • To succeed, one must adopt the mindset of continuous learning, invest in personal mastery, and prioritize professional capability.

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