Crypto's on Fire But Devs Are Still Building | Summary and Q&A

February 17, 2023
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Crypto's on Fire But Devs Are Still Building


Alchemy's CEO discusses his background, the importance of speed in startups, the role of infrastructure in Web3, and the positive outlook for the industry.

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Questions & Answers

Q: How does the CEO relate his previous experiences at consumer companies to building a Web3 company like Alchemy?

The CEO highlights the importance of speed and creating great products, which are principles that transcend different domains. He mentions their experience in dressing up as Berkeley students to test a consumer app, and how they still remain closely connected to their customers in the crypto space.

Q: What changes has the CEO observed in the industry and developers' focus on infrastructure since founding Alchemy?

The CEO explains that Alchemy positions itself as the AWS of Web3, powering a significant portion of the ecosystem. He notes the increase in developer adoption, particularly in Ethereum and other chains, despite the market pullback in 2018. He also mentions the growing interest and deployment of Web3 products by web 2 companies and institutional banks.

Q: How does the CEO refute the claim that crypto may be reaching its end?

The CEO believes that crypto is still in the early, nascent stages and compares it to the early days of the internet. He mentions the importance of building products that stand on their own and drive utility, rather than focusing on the technology itself. He is optimistic about the future of crypto and its accelerated timeline of adoption.

Q: What can drive consumer interest in the next wave of crypto?

The CEO believes that web 2 companies deploying Web3 products to their user bases, reaching billions of users, will drive consumer interest. He mentions examples like Instagram deploying NFTs and the opportunity to educate the broader world about the benefits of crypto.

Q: What advice does the CEO have for developers, builders, and founders in the crypto space?

The CEO emphasizes the importance of focusing on product-market fit and building something that provides value to users. He advises deepening one's understanding of the technology and leveraging software to achieve high leverage. He also suggests being frugal and managing cash reserves effectively to ensure sustainability.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Alchemy's CEO, coming from a background in AI and consumer startups, emphasizes the importance of speed in startups and the advantage of being able to move quickly.

  • He compares Alchemy to the AWS of Web3 and highlights the company's role in powering various applications and the recent increase in developer adoption.

  • He believes that the future of crypto and Web3 lies in mainstream adoption, where the technology becomes seamless and integrated into everyday life.

  • The CEO advises developers and founders to focus on building products with product-market fit, deepening their understanding of the technology, and managing cash reserves effectively.

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