Jake Roper returns to The Create Unknown – #25 | Summary and Q&A

November 7, 2019
The Create Unknown
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Jake Roper returns to The Create Unknown – #25


Jake Roper discusses the making of his new show, "Could You Survive the Movies?" and shares insights into the challenges and creative decisions involved.

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Questions & Answers

Q: How did the licensing and permissions process work for "Could You Survive the Movies?"

The production team had to navigate a complex process of obtaining licensing and permissions for using intellectual property from various movies. They had to ensure that their use fell under fair use and often had to make adjustments to avoid copyright infringement.

Q: How did the team handle the challenges of recreating scenes from movies in the show?

The team had to be creative in their approach to recreate scenes and visuals from the movies due to copyright restrictions. They often used green screens, rotoscoping, and digital effects to alter or enhance the footage.

Q: How did the team deal with potential legal issues and confusion with the audience?

The team worked closely with lawyers and fair use experts to ensure that they were on the right side of copyright law. They also made efforts to be transparent with the audience about the challenges they faced and the legal restrictions they had to abide by.

Q: How did the production team manage the size and complexity of the show?

The production involved a large crew of around 40 people on set, including various roles such as script supervisor, gaffer, cinematographer, assistant camera, and more. In post-production, the team consisted of an editor, visual effects artist, sound engineer, colorist, and composer.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Jake Roper talks about the production process and challenges faced while creating the show "Could You Survive the Movies?"

  • He discusses the difficulties of licensing and permissions when using other people's intellectual property.

  • Roper explains how the show was made to be education-focused and how they used the fair use argument to navigate copyright issues.

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