Tom Segura & Christina P - H3 Podcast #221 | Summary and Q&A

October 5, 2020
H3 Podcast
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Tom Segura & Christina P - H3 Podcast #221


Tom Segura and Christina P discuss their live shows, raunchy content, and the challenges of being comedians during the pandemic.

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Questions & Answers

Q: How are Tom and Christina keeping busy as comedians during the pandemic?

Tom and Christina have been doing live shows, which give them a sense of anxiety and adrenaline. They have a live content producer and incorporate segments and pre-shot sketches into their shows.

Q: What surprising consequences did Tom and Christina face due to the raunchiness of their content?

Despite getting approval for their content, the company they partnered with for their live show ended up being shocked by the explicit nature of their performance. The company's president was caught off guard by some of their bits, including one involving a man putting a rod in his own butt.

Q: Why does Christina dislike horses?

Christina finds horses smelly and dislikes how they try to run and kick people off when they sit on them. She also shares a belief that older women who are obsessed with horses have a certain questionable vibe.

Q: Why does Tom's dad have a strong dislike for people who went to USC?

Tom's dad went to UCLA and has an intense dislike for people associated with USC, to the point where he would disown Tom if he attended that university. He even had a license plate that said "H8SUSC" and would cut off drivers with USC license plate holders on the freeway.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Tom and Christina discuss their live shows and the adrenaline rush they get from performing.

  • They reflect on the raunchiness of their content and how it led to some unexpected consequences.

  • The conversation takes a humorous turn as they talk about their dislike for horses and share stories about their eccentric dads.

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