Top 5 AI Stocks CRUSHING the Market in 2024 | Summary and Q&A

March 20, 2024
Let's Talk Money! with Joseph Hogue, CFA
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Top 5 AI Stocks CRUSHING the Market in 2024


These five AI stocks have outperformed the market by 84%, showcasing their potential for long-term growth and profitability.

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Questions & Answers

Q: What are the key factors that make these AI stocks successful?

The success of these AI stocks is attributed to their strong growth, beating market expectations, and their potential for profitability. Additionally, companies like Nvidia and One-Stop Systems have positioned themselves in high-demand sectors, such as accelerated computing and military contracts.

Q: Should investors be concerned about potential market bubbles?

While it is impossible to predict market bubbles, investing in companies that beat expectations and have a clear path to profitability can reduce the impact of such events. Therefore, these AI stocks offer a level of resilience regardless of market conditions.

Q: Are there any risks associated with investing in AI stocks?

Investing in AI stocks carries some risks, such as expensive valuations and the potential for sell-offs by major shareholders. Additionally, companies in this sector face intense competition and rapid technological advancements. However, thorough research and analysis can help identify stocks with long-term growth potential.

Q: How can investors stay informed about AI stocks' performance?

Investors can access company earnings reports through search engines, investor relations websites, or the SEC's database. Comparing sales growth, profits, and management outlook across multiple stocks in the AI industry can provide insights into industry trends and potential investment opportunities.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Five AI stocks have achieved an average return of 91% in the two months surrounding earnings, surpassing expectations and outperforming the market by 84%.

  • These stocks represent companies with strong growth and a clear path to profitability, making them resilient in any potential market bubble.

  • One-Stop Systems (OSS) has rebounded strongly, with a 59% return in the first two months of the year. It designs and manufactures AI-capable computing systems primarily for the US military.

  • Nvidia (NVDA) continues to thrive, driven by the demand for accelerated computing. The company's revenue growth doubled, and it remains optimistic about long-term growth opportunities in various industries.

  • Arm Holdings (ARMM) has more than doubled its share value since its IPO, although its expensive valuation and potential sell-off by SoftBank may warrant caution.

  • Big Bear (BBAI) experienced disappointing earnings results, leading to a significant drop in stock price. However, its focus on organizing and visualizing data could present an opportunity for long-term growth.

  • SoundHound AI (SON) witnessed a post-earnings slump but has shown signs of recovery. Its conversational AI technology and patented library could contribute to its success.

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