Renee Montgomery: How to turn moments into momentum | TED | Summary and Q&A

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Renee Montgomery: How to turn moments into momentum | TED


Discover why I chose to quit my dream job in the WNBA amid the pandemic, opting to make a difference and create positive change against injustice in America.

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Questions & Answers

Q: What event sparked the narrator's decision to quit her job?

The killing of George Floyd by police officers on camera in May 2020 sparked protests across the United States and motivated the narrator to think about quitting her job.

Q: How did the narrator initially respond to the protests?

The narrator watched the protests on the news and later saw them right outside of her house in Buckhead, Atlanta. She decided to record the events and share them on Twitter.

Q: What made the narrator begin to consider quitting her job?

The narrator's conversation with her mother, who said that when people feel their voices aren't heard, they have to make it felt, made her question why people weren't being heard and how she could make a difference. This led to her contemplating quitting her career.

Q: What did the narrator do after quitting her job in the WNBA?

The next day, the narrator organized a Juneteenth event to commemorate the official end of slavery. People at the event shared their stories and expressed their support for the narrator's decision to quit, wanting her to represent their voices and make their stories felt.

Q: What is the narrator's goal in creating positive change?

The narrator wants to level the playing field and ensure equal opportunities for everyone, regardless of race. She plans to increase exposure to tech fields for young Black and brown youth and help them develop the necessary skills to seize opportunities. This involves partnering with organizations and creating workshops.

Q: How does the narrator think positive change can be achieved?

The narrator believes that making a difference requires more than just protesting and raising one's voice. It involves taking action, showing intention, and creating positive forms of making it felt. By turning moments into momentum and standing up for what is right, the narrator believes the United States can become united instead of divided.

Q: What does the narrator hope others will do?

The narrator hopes that others will also ask themselves how they can make it felt and take the leap of faith to stand for what they believe is right. By doing so, she believes that individuals can have a significant impact and contribute to positive change in society.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  1. The author, a professional basketball player, quit her dream career in the WNBA to fight against injustice in America, inspired by the protests following George Floyd's death.

  2. She believes in making a difference by taking action and showing intention, not just through protesting and raising one's voice.

  3. Her focus is on leveling the playing field and increasing opportunities for young Black and brown youth, particularly in fields like tech, through workshops and partnerships with existing organizations.

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