Discipline Is Actually An Emotion | Summary and Q&A

September 8, 2023
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Discipline Is Actually An Emotion


Discipline is not just about willpower or habits, but actually an emotion that can be cultivated through emotional resolve.

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Questions & Answers

Q: How does the understanding that discipline is actually an emotion change the way we approach developing discipline?

Understanding that discipline is an emotion means that we need to focus on cultivating emotional resolve rather than relying solely on willpower or habits. By practicing techniques like meditation and yoga, we can tap into our emotional circuitry and strengthen our discipline.

Q: Why is it important to notice and acknowledge moments of resolve?

Noticing and acknowledging moments of resolve allows us to understand the emotional state that fuels willpower and disciplined behavior. By being aware of these moments, we can cultivate and harness that emotional energy to sustain discipline in our everyday lives.

Q: How does emotional numbness affect our ability to cultivate discipline?

Emotional numbness, often used as a defense mechanism against negative emotions, can also numb positive emotions like joy and love. This numbness can hinder our ability to cultivate discipline, as discipline is an emotion that requires the full range of emotional experiences.

Q: How can practicing sankalpa, or resolve, help in developing discipline?

Practicing sankalpa involves choosing a specific resolve and spending time every day reflecting on and nurturing that resolve. This cultivates the positive emotions necessary for discipline and strengthens the emotional circuitry in the brain, leading to greater resolve in achieving goals.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Discipline is often misunderstood as the exertion of willpower or the development of habits, but it is actually an emotion that can be cultivated.

  • The misconception that discipline is only related to negative emotions, such as fear and anxiety, has led to a lack of understanding about the positive emotions, like joy and love, that are also crucial for discipline.

  • By cultivating emotional resolve through practices like meditation and yoga, individuals can tap into the emotional circuitry in their brains and develop the discipline needed to achieve their goals.

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