For the love of fangirls | Yve Blake | Summary and Q&A

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For the love of fangirls | Yve Blake


This content explores the world of fangirls and challenges societal judgments towards their enthusiasm for boy bands.

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Questions & Answers

Q: Who was the teenage girl that sparked the speaker's obsession with fangirls?

The teenage girl was a friend's little cousin who told the speaker that she was going to marry Harry Styles.

Q: How was Harry Styles regarded by his fangirls?

Harry Styles was highly regarded by his fangirls. They described him as compassionate, perfect, and even turned a site where he vomited into a shrine.

Q: How did the speaker notice a double standard in society's perception of fangirls?

The speaker noticed that while boys crying at a football game is considered normal, girls crying at a Justin Bieber concert is often seen as pathetic or crazy.

Q: What did the speaker learn about the history of the word "hysteria"?

The word "hysteria" comes from the Latin word "hystericus," meaning "of the womb." In the past, it was considered a legitimate mental disorder diagnosed in women who displayed excessive emotion or difficult behavior.

Q: What superpower does the speaker believe fangirls possess?

The speaker believes that fangirls possess the superpower of expressing pure celebration and joy through their fearless and honest shrieks, a sound they have not forgotten how to make.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The speaker becomes obsessed with fangirls after a conversation with a teenage girl who claims to be in love with Harry Styles and would do anything to be with him.

  • The speaker notices a double standard in the way society views young girls' enthusiasm for pop stars compared to young boys' enthusiasm for athletes.

  • The speaker concludes that fangirls are capable, intelligent, and should be celebrated for their unwavering love and enthusiasm.

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