Returning to BookTube (?) | Summary and Q&A

September 23, 2022
Jurassic Reads
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Returning to BookTube (?)


After a hiatus, Angel returns to her bookish YouTube channel, Jurassic Reads, to share book content and reconnect with her book-loving viewers.

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Questions & Answers

Q: Why did Angel disappear from Jurassic Reads for a while?

Angel explains that she had a crisis of character and felt unsure if she was doing the right thing by stepping away from her bookish content. This led her to focus on her other channel, Angel Dawn, which mainly features craft content.

Q: What kind of content can viewers expect on the revived Jurassic Reads channel?

Angel intends to repost some of her previous bookish content, focusing on book reviews, reading sprints, and other reading-related videos. She hopes to reconnect with her book-loving viewers and create a space for book discussions.

Q: Will Angel's return to Jurassic Reads affect her other channel, Angel Dawn?

Angel reassures viewers that she will continue to create craft content on her other channel. However, she acknowledges that she feels a lack of space for reader-related content on Angel Dawn and hopes to find her footing as both a booktuber and a craft tuber on Jurassic Reads.

Q: Is Angel still passionate about reading?

Absolutely! Angel asserts that she is still an avid reader, although she admits to reading less than before. She mentions her love for horror books and author Michael Crichton, and introduces her cat, Bento, and her boyfriend Jose.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Angel, the creator of Jurassic Reads, has been away from her bookish YouTube channel for some time but feels the need to come back and share book content.

  • She acknowledges the support she has received on her other craft-focused channel, Angel Dawn, but expresses the desire to return to bookish content and engage with her book-loving audience.

  • Angel plans to repost some of her previous bookish content on Jurassic Reads and potentially create new reading-related videos in the future.

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