How Congress SAVED R*pists of 250 Hindu Girls | Summary and Q&A

July 22, 2023
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How Congress SAVED R*pists of 250 Hindu Girls


Ajmer '92 is a film that exposes a major sex scandal involving prominent politicians and religious leaders connected to the Ajmer Dargah, highlighting the political impunity and religious influence that allowed the scandal to remain hidden for decades.

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Questions & Answers

Q: How did the Chishti family, known for their association with Ajmer Dargah, manage to maintain their influence despite their involvement in such a scandal?

The Chishti family's influence can be attributed to their deep connections within the Muslim community and their positions of power within the Congress party, allowing them to escape punishment and maintain their reputation within Ajmer Sharif.

Q: What roles did political interference and religious tensions play in preventing the victims from receiving justice?

Political interference hindered the investigation and prosecution of the accused, who held positions within the Congress party. Religious tensions added another layer of complexity, as many victims belonged to the Hindu community, further discouraging them from coming forward due to fears of communal discord.

Q: How did the media and society contribute to the silencing of the victims in this scandal?

Local newspapers in Ajmer exploited the scandal by blackmailing the families of the victims, creating a hostile environment for them. Social stigma surrounding rape and fear of retaliation from the accused further discouraged the girls from testifying against their perpetrators.

Q: What impact did the scandal have on the Ajmer Dargah's reputation and the perception of the Chishti family?

The scandal tarnished the reputation of the Ajmer Dargah and the Chishti family, raising questions about their integrity and the extent of their power. However, despite the exposed crimes, the accused still maintain a level of respect within the community, reflecting the depths of political impunity and religious reverence in the region.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Ajmer '92 is a film that delves into one of India's biggest sex scandals involving the Chishti family and prominent politicians, revealing how it was kept hidden for years.

  • The scandal revolves around the exploitation and blackmailing of 250-500 girls by Congress leaders and the caretakers of Ajmer Sharif, who used their political and religious influence to evade justice.

  • Political interference, religious tensions, fear, and social stigma prevented many victims from coming forward, resulting in a lack of witnesses and difficulty in building a strong case against the accused.

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