New AI Art Tech Advancements that Blew My Mind!! | Summary and Q&A

January 5, 2024
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New AI Art Tech Advancements that Blew My Mind!!


AI image generation has advanced rapidly and is becoming more realistic, with trends like realistic scenes, AI influencers, and text editing on images. The future holds promises of consistent AI characters, real-time open worlds, and even immersive experiences like the holodeck.

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Questions & Answers

Q: What are some giveaways that an AI-generated image is not real?

Some giveaways include morphing details, unnatural backgrounds, or inconsistencies in the image that become apparent upon closer inspection. These AI-generated images often lack the distinct qualities of images taken with popular cameras.

Q: Why are AI images now starting to have a more realistic quality?

The AI models, such as Mid-Journey V6, have learned to replicate the qualities of images taken on smartphones, which are the most commonly used cameras. By picking up on the characteristics of phone camera images, AI can now generate more realistic-looking images.

Q: What is the significance of AI-generated text editing on images?

It allows for the modification and improvement of text on AI-generated images, offering more control and creative expression. This development, seen with Alibaba's AnyText, gives users the ability to customize and personalize their AI-generated images.

Q: What future developments can we expect in AI image generation?

The future holds the potential for consistent AI characters, where the same character can be generated in various styles and scenes. Furthermore, the possibility of real-time open worlds and immersive experiences like the holodeck are being explored, making the AI image generation landscape even more exciting.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • AI image generation has progressed rapidly in the AI sphere, allowing for creative possibilities and competition among platforms like Dolly 3 and mid-Journey V6.

  • Mid-Journey subreddit showcases progress in generating more complicated scenes with mid-Journey V6, although fine details may still give away the AI nature of the images.

  • The AI image generation community desires realistic and creative expression, leading to developments like AI influencers and AI-generated text editing on images.

  • The ability to create consistent AI characters and potentially real-time open worlds is on the horizon in the AI image generation landscape.

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