What It's Like To Adopt Children | Rich Froning | Summary and Q&A

June 19, 2019
Lewis Howes
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What It's Like To Adopt Children | Rich Froning


A father shares his experience of adopting non-biological children and how they have become his own, with unexpected insights.

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Questions & Answers

Q: How does it feel being a father of adopted children compared to having biological children?

The father emphasizes that he never once doubts that his adopted children are his own. While he cannot compare the feeling to having biological children, he loves his children deeply and considers them his own.

Q: Can you share a bit about the process of adopting your children?

The father explains that their adoption journey included a couple of failed adoptions, which took an emotional toll on his wife. However, they eventually met Trice, their son, when he was nine days old through a surprise adoption opportunity. They also adopted Violet, Lakeland's biological half-sister, at the age of 10 months.

Q: How have the non-biological children picked up on your and your wife's behaviors and interests?

The father discusses how his children have developed traits and interests similar to his and his wife's. They have observed Lakeland's interest in working out, making obstacle courses, and using a little barbell. Trice is an energetic and active boy who closely follows his sister. These behaviors have surprised and motivated the father to be mindful of his actions.

Q: What are the unexpected things that non-biological children pick up on?

The father shares that his children have picked up on emotions and behaviors, even at a young age. He emphasizes the importance of being aware of his actions and words because his children are always watching and learning from him.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The father talks about how his non-biological children, Lakeland, Trice, and Violet, have become his own and how he doesn't think of them as anything but his kids.

  • He shares the process of adopting his children and how they came into his family, including a failed adoption and a surprise adoption of Trice.

  • The father discusses the unique personalities and traits his non-biological children have developed, mentioning how they have picked up on his and his wife's behaviors and interests.

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