How I Would Change The Konoha 13 | Summary and Q&A

May 2, 2023
NCHammer 23
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How I Would Change The Konoha 13


This video discusses how each member of the Konoha 13 can be made more useful by implementing realistic changes to their characters.

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Questions & Answers

Q: How could Tenten's journey to collect legendary weapons have been incorporated into the Naruto storyline?

Tenten's quest to collect legendary weapons could have been developed as an arc before the Fourth Great Shinobi World War, showcasing her growth, enhancing her usefulness, and providing her with more screen time. Her journey could have involved challenges, battles, and interactions with other characters, ultimately leading to her becoming a formidable and versatile shinobi.

Q: How could Neji and Hinata work together to bridge the gap between the main and side branches of the Hyuga Clan?

Neji and Hinata, as representatives of the side and main branches respectively, could have joined forces to challenge and change the traditional system of the Hyuga Clan. Through their combined efforts, they could have sought to dismantle the outdated structure, promoting equality and unity among their clan members. This storyline could have explored the complexities of family dynamics, politics, and cultural traditions within the Naruto universe.

Q: How could Shino have made a greater impact in battles involving the Otsutsuki?

Shino could have expanded his insect arsenal, including the deadly Rinkaichu and Kochu bugs, which were used by other characters in the series. By pushing aside his moral reservations, Shino could have become a vital asset in the battles against the Otsutsuki, as his bugs are not easily countered by their abilities. This would have showcased his growth and given him more relevance in the ongoing conflict.

Q: Can Naruto's usefulness be restored after losing Kurama?

Naruto's usefulness can be restored by breaking him out of the subspace dimension and providing him with another tailed beast. While obtaining the Ten-Tails may be challenging, Naruto could potentially acquire other tailed beasts like Son Goku and Isobu, granting him comparable power to when he had Kurama. Additionally, Naruto could benefit from prioritizing his role as a father, which may address some family issues and improve overall dynamics among his loved ones.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Many members of the Konoha 13 are currently deemed useless or underutilized in the Naruto series.

  • Tenten, known for her weapon mastery, could have focused on collecting legendary weapons instead of unsealing them, making her more versatile and powerful.

  • Ino, the head of the Interrogation and Sensory units, could have joined the Anbu to enhance her abilities and contribute more to reconnaissance missions.

  • Neji, despite his tragic death, could have worked with Hinata to break down the barriers between the main and side branch families in the Hyuga Clan, leading them into a more unified future.

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