U Talk #1: Corona – an inflection point for AI@scale? | Summary and Q&A

May 20, 2020
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U Talk #1: Corona – an inflection point for AI@scale?


The corona crisis has triggered an inflection point for artificial intelligence, particularly in China, where AI has been deployed extensively in combating the virus. There are significant implications for healthcare, surveillance, and automation.

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Questions & Answers

Q: How has AI been used in healthcare during the corona crisis?

AI has been used for quick identification and isolation of the virus, analyzing CT scans for lesions, implementing AI-based infrared detectors in train stations, and deploying autonomous robots for disinfection and delivery in high-risk areas.

Q: Has AI been used in other industries during the corona crisis?

Yes, Facebook, for example, relied on AI to monitor content when employees were sent home. Telecommunication companies used AI to track people's movements and provide primary diagnosis remotely. Financial markets also heavily used AI algorithms for quick reactions.

Q: Why has China seen a significant deployment of AI in combating the virus?

China has witnessed the power of AI in managing the crisis and is leading in large-scale deployment due to its ability to handle the scale and the shutdown of humans. The experience and successes in China have been noted globally.

Q: How can Europe catch up with China in AI deployment?

Europe needs to foster innovation and provide support to startups and companies working on AI. Governments should push for business innovation in AI, encourage data sharing, and invest in increasing AI maturity. Companies should invest in AI and learn from the experiences in China.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The corona crisis has led to a surge in the use of digital technologies, including artificial intelligence, particularly in China.

  • AI has played a crucial role in detecting and managing the virus, with applications in healthcare, surveillance, and automation.

  • Companies and governments need to realize the power of AI, invest in its development, and foster international cooperation in order to stay competitive in the post-corona world.

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