Nadeem Sarwar | Haider E Karrar | 2018 / 1440 | Summary and Q&A

September 23, 2018
Nadeem Sarwar
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Nadeem Sarwar | Haider E Karrar | 2018 / 1440


Celebrating the remarkable qualities and significance of Ali (as), the Master, who is the greatest among all masters.

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Questions & Answers

Q: Why is Ali (as) considered the voice of God?

Ali (as) is considered the voice of God because his words and actions were always aligned with the teachings and will of God. He had a deep understanding of divine wisdom and was known for his eloquence in conveying spiritual messages.

Q: What does it mean that Ali (as) is the Wali of God?

The title "Wali of God" refers to Ali (as) being a close friend and guardian of God. This signifies the special relationship he had with God, his elevated spiritual status, and his role as a protector and guide for believers.

Q: How did Ali (as) support and help the Prophets?

Ali (as) supported and helped the Prophets during their most challenging times. He stood by them in battles, defended their honor, and served as a trusted advisor. His loyalty and bravery were crucial in ensuring the success and propagation of the Prophets' missions.

Q: What is the significance of Ali (as) being the flag-bearer?

Ali (as) being the flag-bearer represents his central role in leading and guiding the community. He carried the banner of Islam and stood as a symbol of unity, strength, and righteousness. His position signified his authority and responsibility in upholding the principles of Islam.

Q: How is Ali (as) connected to the 72 martyrs?

Ali (as) is connected to the 72 martyrs as he is considered the spiritual leader and inspiration behind their sacrifice. His teachings and example motivated these individuals to give their lives for the sake of Islam, and their martyrdom is seen as a continuation of Ali's mission to defend the faith.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Ali (as) is hailed as the voice of God, the King of the world, the sweet talker, and the life of the garden.

  • He is praised for his unwavering devotion to God, his position as the flag-bearer and helper of both worlds, and his role as the leader of all Imams.

  • The love and respect for Ali (as) extends beyond his lifetime, as his name stays alive and his followers consider him the best among all masters.

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