MIT 6.S094: Deep Learning | Summary and Q&A

January 15, 2018
Lex Fridman
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MIT 6.S094: Deep Learning

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This video is an introduction to the course "Deep Learning for Self-Driving Cars." The instructor discusses the importance and excitement of deep learning and self-driving cars. He introduces the autonomous vehicles built at MIT and the competitions in the class. He also mentions the guest speakers and topics that will be covered. The video provides an overview of deep learning, neural networks, and their applications in object classification and scene perception.

Questions & Answers

Q: What is the purpose of the course "Deep Learning for Self-Driving Cars"?

The purpose of the course is to cover the topics of deep learning and self-driving cars and how they can be integrated to transform society.

Q: Who is the instructor for the course?

The instructor is Lex Fridman, who is joined by a team of engineers at MIT.

Q: What kind of vehicles do they build at MIT?

They build autonomous vehicles that can perceive, move, interact, communicate, and earn the trust of human beings both inside and outside the car.

Q: How can I register for the course?

For registered MIT students, registration is required on the course website by a specific deadline. Email [email protected] for any questions.

Q: What is the Deep Traffic competition?

The Deep Traffic competition is a deep reinforcement learning competition where participants control multiple cars using their neural networks.

Q: What is the SegFuse competition?

The SegFuse competition is a dynamic driving scene segmentation competition where participants are tasked with performing better than the state-of-the-art in image-based segmentation.

Q: What is the Deep Crash competition?

The Deep Crash competition involves using deep reinforcement learning to train a neural network to navigate through a scene with very little control and capability to localize itself.

Q: What are the three competitions in this course?

The three competitions are Deep Traffic, SegFuse, and Deep Crash.

Q: Who are the guest speakers in the course?

The guest speakers include representatives from companies such as Waymo, Google, Tesla, Voyage, NuTonomy, Aurora, and more.

Q: Why are self-driving cars important and exciting?

Self-driving cars are important and exciting because they represent the integration of personal robots into society on a wide-reaching and profound scale, which will transform transportation and artificial intelligence capabilities.


The course "Deep Learning for Self-Driving Cars" aims to explore the integration of deep learning and self-driving cars. The competitions in the course provide practical applications for participants to apply deep learning techniques. The guest speakers from various autonomous vehicle companies offer insights into the challenges and advancements in the field. Deep learning allows for the learning and interpretation of complex information, making it a powerful tool for processing real-world data. There are various techniques and methods, such as regularization and dropout, to enhance the performance of deep learning networks. Image classification, object detection, and sequence modeling are some of the applications of deep learning in self-driving cars.

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