Finding Efficiency and Fair Compensation in Start-up CEO Roles: Transcribing YouTube Podcasts for Obsidian Notes


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Aug 14, 2023

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Finding Efficiency and Fair Compensation in Start-up CEO Roles: Transcribing YouTube Podcasts for Obsidian Notes


In the fast-paced world of start-ups, efficiency and effective note-taking are crucial for success. One powerful tool that can aid start-up CEOs in organizing their thoughts and ideas is Obsidian Notes. However, manually transcribing YouTube podcasts or videos can be time-consuming and tedious. In this article, we will explore a solution called Glasp, a social web highlighter and transcript provider for YouTube, and discuss the importance of fair compensation for start-up CEOs.

Transcribing YouTube Podcasts with Glasp:

To begin transcribing YouTube podcasts or videos for Obsidian Notes, sign up for a free account on Glasp. It's worth noting that the provided link is an "Invite Code" and not an affiliate code. Once your account is set up, click on your avatar in the top right-hand corner and select "Browser Extension" from the dropdown menu. Now, when you watch a video on YouTube, you will find the Transcript and Summary displayed on the right-hand side of the video. The transcript includes timestamps, making it easier to navigate through the content. Additionally, Glasp allows you to select and highlight text for future export. For more information on how to integrate Glasp with Obsidian, refer to the provided video links in the references section below.

The Importance of Fair Compensation for Start-up CEOs:

As a start-up CEO, it is crucial to strike a balance between paying yourself adequately and ensuring the financial stability of your company. While it may be tempting to take a minimal salary to save costs, it is essential to consider your personal well-being and the impact it may have on your ability to lead effectively. Openly discussing compensation with your investors is vital in establishing a transparent and fair agreement. Transparency and open dialogue foster a healthy relationship between CEOs and investors, ensuring mutual understanding of financial needs.

Determining CEO Compensation Based on Funding:

CEO compensation varies depending on the funding stage of the start-up. Companies that have raised $1 million or less often pay CEOs between $75,000 and $125,000 annually. However, it is important to note that CEOs in companies with lower funding tend to receive salaries on the lower end of this scale. Start-ups that have raised between $1 million and $2.5 million typically compensate their CEOs around $125,000. These figures provide a general guideline, but it is crucial for CEOs to assess their specific financial needs and engage in open conversations with investors to determine fair compensation.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Prioritize personal well-being: While building a start-up requires dedication and hard work, neglecting your own financial stability and mental well-being can hinder your effectiveness as a CEO. Find a balance between fair compensation and company growth.
  • 2. Foster open communication with investors: Establishing a transparent relationship with your investors regarding compensation is essential. Regularly engage in open conversations to ensure mutual understanding and fair agreements.
  • 3. Evaluate funding stage and financial needs: Consider the current funding stage of your start-up and assess your personal financial needs. Use industry benchmarks as a starting point, but tailor your compensation to align with your specific circumstances.


Efficiency and fair compensation are essential elements in the journey of a start-up CEO. By leveraging Glasp for transcribing YouTube podcasts or videos, CEOs can streamline their note-taking process and enhance their organizational skills. Simultaneously, openly discussing compensation with investors ensures a fair arrangement that takes into account the CEO's financial stability and the start-up's growth prospects. Remember, striking a balance between personal well-being and company success is key to long-term sustainability.

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