Value-added Measures in Education: What Every Educator Needs to Know

By Douglas N Harris
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"Value-added Measures in Education" by Douglas J. Harris explores the concept of value-added measures (VAMs) and their application in evaluating educational effectiveness. Harris delves into the history, development, and implementation of VAMs, providing a comprehensive understanding of their strengths and limitations.

The book examines VAMs' ability to measure student growth and determine the impact of teachers and schools on student outcomes. Harris discusses the analytical methods used in VAMs, addressing concerns around fairness, reliability, and the potential for unintended consequences.

Harris presents compelling research findings and real-world examples to illustrate the complexities of VAMs, exploring the challenges involved in accurately attributing student outcomes to specific teachers or schools. He highlights the need for contextual factors and additional measures to fully evaluate education quality.

The book also explores the implications of VAMs on policy and practice, discussing the potential effects on teacher evaluation, compensation, and professional development. Harris critically analyzes the controversies surrounding VAMs, examining the debate between using test-based measures versus multiple measures of student and teacher performance.

In an informative and accessible manner, "Value-added Measures in Education" offers educators, policymakers, and researchers a valuable resource to understand the intricacies of VAMs and their role in improving educational outcomes. With its nuanced analysis, this book contributes to the ongoing dialogue on how best to assess and enhance the quality of education.
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