The Red Decade: The Classic Work on Communism in America During the Thirties-The Stalinist Penetration of America

By Eugene Lyons
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"The Red Decade" by Eugene Lyons is a gripping account that delves into the tumultuous period of American history known as the 1930s. Lyons, a former radical journalist, offers a detailed analysis of the rise and influence of communism in the United States during this time.

Drawing from his personal experiences and extensive research, Lyons chronicles the captivating stories of influential figures such as Earl Browder, William Z. Foster, and Jay Lovestone, who played key roles in shaping the American Communist Party. He also explores the movements and organizations that emerged during this era, including the National Unemployment League and the Students' League for Industrial Democracy.

As Lyons peels back the layers of political ideology and clandestine activities, he reveals the impact of communism on various aspects of American society. From the founding of the Daily Worker newspaper to the infiltration of labor unions and Hollywood, Lyons captures the fervor and intrigue surrounding the Communist Party's endeavors.

In addition, Lyons examines the consequences faced by those who crossed paths with communism. He delves into the lives of individuals such as Isaac Don Levine, a journalist who struggled with the ethical dilemma of reporting on communist activities, and Richard Wright, a renowned African American writer who wrestled with the party's racial politics.

With sharp prose and a keen eye for detail, Lyons expertly dissects the motivations, strategies, and failures of the Communist Party in America. "The Red Decade" offers readers a thought-provoking exploration of a tumultuous era, shedding light on the complexities and consequences of political radicalism.

Overall, "The Red Decade" paints a vivid portrait of the interplay between ideology and reality, making it an essential read for anyone interested in American history, politics, and the enduring struggle between communism and democracy.
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