The Age of Entitlement: America Since the Sixties

By Christopher Caldwell
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"The Age of Entitlement" by Christopher Caldwell is a thought-provoking exploration of America's transformation from a society focused on individual rights to one driven by group entitlements. Caldwell investigates the roots of this shift, tracing its origins to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and subsequent movements that sought to rectify historical injustices. He argues that while these efforts were initially necessary and just, they eventually led to unintended consequences, fostering a culture of perpetual grievance and heightening divisions within society.

Through meticulous research, Caldwell identifies key turning points in American politics, economics, and culture that have perpetuated the era of entitlement. He delves into topics such as affirmative action, the expansion of welfare programs, and the evolution of identity politics, highlighting their impact on social, political, and economic dynamics. Drawing on a wide range of sources, from historical documents to contemporary interviews, Caldwell examines the effects of these policies on different demographic groups and challenges prevailing narratives about race, ethnicity, and social justice.

In "The Age of Entitlement," Caldwell engagingly argues that the proliferation of entitlements undermines individual responsibility and fosters a victimhood mentality. He contends that the erosion of personal accountability has had a profound impact on various aspects of American society, including educational outcomes, political discourse, and economic mobility. Caldwell ultimately contends that the time has come for society to reexamine the balance between individual rights and group privileges in order to restore a sense of fairness and harmony.

With its incisive analysis and well-reasoned arguments, "The Age of Entitlement" offers an illuminating perspective on the complex issues surrounding entitlements in America. Caldwell prompts readers to critically examine the consequences of policies aimed at rectifying historical injustices, ultimately encouraging a thoughtful reassessment of how society can work towards greater equality while preserving individual liberty.
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