McMafia: A Journey Through the Global Criminal Underworld

By Misha Glenny
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"McMafia" by Misha Glenny follows the interconnected and lucrative world of organized crime in the modern era. Glenny delves into the complex networks that span across continents, where the boundaries between legal and illegal activities blur.

Through extensive research, Glenny exposes the global web of criminal enterprises, from drug cartels in Mexico to human trafficking in Eastern Europe. He reveals how criminal organizations have adapted to globalization, exploiting opportunities in finance, technology, and trade.

With a journalistic approach, Glenny explores the lives of key players in the underworld, including gangsters, corrupt politicians, and disaffected youth drawn into a life of crime. He highlights their motivations, aspirations, and the violent consequences that fuel their illicit enterprises.

Beyond individual stories, Glenny explores the systemic failures that allow organized crime to flourish. He exposes the complicity of governments, banks, and legitimate businesses in facilitating criminal activities, exposing the dark underbelly of globalization.

Through his narrative, Glenny not only demonstrates the worldwide impact of organized crime but also offers thought-provoking insights into the broader issues of corruption, regulation, and the battle against illicit activities.

"McMafia" is a gripping and eye-opening exploration of the intricate and interconnected nature of organized crime in today's globalized world. Glenny's meticulous research, combined with his engaging storytelling, provides a riveting account that forces readers to question the realities of our modern society.
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