Game of Thorns: The Inside Story of Hillary Clinton's Failed Campaign and Donald Trump's Winning Strategy

By Doug Wead
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"Game of Thorns" by Doug Wead is a gripping and revealing exploration of the tumultuous 2016 presidential campaign between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. With extensive research and insider interviews, Wead delves into the political strategies, personal rivalries, and unforeseen events that shaped this historic contest.

From the early days of the primaries to the final election night, readers are taken behind the scenes to witness the ruthless maneuvering, fierce debates, and scandalous controversies that unfolded on both sides. Wead examines the inner workings of each campaign, offering insights into the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates and their teams.

Throughout the book, the author tackles the complex issues and decisive moments that defined the race, including the email controversy that plagued Clinton's campaign, the impact of social media on public opinion, and the role of the media in shaping the narrative. Wead's analysis provides a fresh perspective on the factors that ultimately propelled Trump to victory.

In "Game of Thorns," Wead's meticulous attention to detail and unbiased approach offer readers a comprehensive understanding of the intense battle for the White House. This engaging and thought-provoking account is a must-read for those seeking to unravel the inner workings of modern political campaigns.
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