The Entrepreneur's Journey: Embracing Cultural Differences and Finding Common Ground


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Aug 20, 2023

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The Entrepreneur's Journey: Embracing Cultural Differences and Finding Common Ground


In the pursuit of knowledge on the intersection of religion and business, I embarked on a year-long study abroad program. It was a departure from the usual path I had followed in life, and as I settled into life overseas, I realized that there was a refreshing sense of freedom and lack of conformity in the way people worked. The experience of attending religious services also emphasized the concept of individual freedom. These observations reminded me of the unpredictability of success, both in entrepreneurship and in the process of finding co-founders.

The Unpredictability of Success and the Importance of PDCA:

Much like the hiring process, where hiring five people does not guarantee that all five will succeed, the same principle applies to entrepreneurship. It is not a matter of finding the perfect co-founder but rather working together without pretense and striving for success. In our case, we were fortunate that our partnership worked out perfectly, but we recognize the element of luck involved. It is crucial to embrace the PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) cycle and remain open to the unexpected.

The Significance of Being Indispensable:

In our relentless pursuit of creating a service, we found ourselves working tirelessly from morning till night. However, during user interviews, we often heard individuals express that they viewed creative projects as mere hobbies to be enjoyed on weekends. This difference in passion became the final push towards making the decision to close our venture. Conversely, we believe that entrepreneurship and creating a successful service require the mindset of "not quitting until you win." Therefore, it is important to foster an environment where people feel that their contribution is indispensable, reducing the likelihood of them leaving.

The Value of Clarity in Decision-Making:

In the process of entrepreneurship, it is easy to fall into the trap of indecisiveness and waste time and resources on half-hearted pivots. To avoid this, it is essential to clearly define what to keep and what to discard. Just as I invested in unfamiliar industries to gain insights that could benefit entrepreneurs, I realized that seeking clarity in decision-making requires understanding the information needs of investors. By identifying three key factors that entrepreneurs consider when choosing investors—funding capacity, unique skill sets, and accessibility—it becomes easier to establish meaningful connections.

Linking Your Thinking: Tools for Idea Management:

As entrepreneurs, we often find ourselves juggling numerous ideas and concepts. This is where the use of effective tools becomes crucial. Evernote serves as a collector, allowing us to gather and organize ideas. Ulysses and Bear, on the other hand, aid in the process of writing and building stories out of these ideas. For connecting and categorizing ideas, Roam and Obsidian prove to be valuable tools. The ability to relate and link ideas is essential in creating a cohesive narrative.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Embrace the unpredictability of success and adopt a mindset of continuous improvement through the PDCA cycle.
  • 2. Foster an environment where individuals feel indispensable and passionate about their work, reducing the likelihood of them quitting.
  • 3. Seek clarity in decision-making by clearly defining what to keep and what to discard, and establish meaningful connections with investors based on their funding capacity, skill sets, and accessibility.


As entrepreneurs, we must be open to new experiences and cultural differences. The journey of entrepreneurship is characterized by unpredictability and the need for continuous improvement. By understanding the value of being indispensable, making clear decisions, and utilizing effective tools for idea management, entrepreneurs can navigate the challenges they face and increase their chances of success.

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