Exploring Israel's Rise as a Digital Health Innovation Hub and the Resignation of AHIP CEO Matt Eyles

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Aug 10, 2023

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Exploring Israel's Rise as a Digital Health Innovation Hub and the Resignation of AHIP CEO Matt Eyles


In recent years, Israel has emerged as a potential hub for digital health innovation, garnering attention from U.S. health systems and digital health investors. With its vibrant startup ecosystem and a culture that fosters innovation, Israel has become an ideal destination for launching healthcare startups. Simultaneously, the resignation of Matt Eyles, the CEO of America's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), raises questions about the direction the insurance lobbying group aims to take. This article delves into the reasons behind Israel's success in digital health and explores the potential implications of Eyles' departure from AHIP.

Israel's Thriving Startup Ecosystem:

Israel, a country with a population similar to that of New Jersey, has managed to foster over 6,000 startups, according to a report by consulting firm Deloitte. The nation's culture of innovation plays a significant role in this achievement. Israeli entrepreneurs are known for their resourcefulness and ability to think outside the box, making them well-suited for the challenges of digital health. The country's unique position as a startup hotspot has drawn the attention of healthcare organizations worldwide.

Collaborations between Mayo Clinic and Sheba:

One notable collaboration that highlights Israel's growing prominence in digital health is the partnership between the Mayo Clinic, based in Rochester, Minnesota, and Sheba Medical Center in Israel. In June 2022, the two organizations agreed to share data from startups at Sheba's innovation center and Mayo's Platform Accelerate program. This collaboration demonstrates the recognition of Israel's contributions to healthcare innovation and the value of cross-border cooperation in advancing digital health solutions.

The Appeal of Israeli Startups:

Israeli startups in the digital health sector have garnered significant interest from U.S. health systems and investors. The combination of advanced technological capabilities, a culture of innovation, and a focus on solving real healthcare challenges has made Israeli startups attractive to potential partners. For instance, Healthy.io, a Tel Aviv-based company, developed a smartphone app capable of testing for kidney disease. The success stories of such startups highlight Israel's potential to revolutionize healthcare through digital solutions.

Implications of Matt Eyles' Resignation:

Matt Eyles' resignation as the CEO of AHIP raises questions about the future direction of the insurance lobbying group. With record-high enrollments in Medicare Advantage and Medicaid managed care, scrutiny towards insurance companies' prior authorization policies and profits from government-sponsored programs has intensified. Eyles' departure prompts speculation about the motivations behind his resignation and the potential changes AHIP may pursue in response to the evolving healthcare landscape.

Connecting the Dots:

While seemingly unrelated, the rise of Israel as a digital health innovation hub and the resignation of Matt Eyles share common threads. Both phenomena reflect the dynamic nature of the healthcare industry and the need for adaptation and innovation. Israel's success in digital health stems from its culture of innovation, which enables startups to tackle healthcare challenges creatively. Similarly, Eyles' departure from AHIP may signal the organization's recognition of the need for change in response to shifting healthcare policies and public scrutiny.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Embrace a culture of innovation: Foster an environment that encourages creativity and out-of-the-box thinking within your organization. Encourage employees to question existing practices and explore novel solutions to healthcare challenges.
  • 2. Foster cross-border collaborations: Look for opportunities to collaborate with international partners and leverage their expertise and innovative solutions. Embracing global perspectives can lead to breakthroughs in digital health.
  • 3. Stay adaptable in a changing landscape: Keep a close eye on emerging trends and evolving healthcare policies. Be prepared to adapt and pivot when necessary to remain relevant and responsive to the needs of patients and stakeholders.


Israel's rise as a digital health innovation hub and Matt Eyles' departure from AHIP both underscore the need for continuous innovation and adaptation in the healthcare industry. Israel's success can be attributed to its culture of innovation and the ability of startups to tackle healthcare challenges creatively. Meanwhile, Eyles' resignation raises questions about the future direction of AHIP in the face of increasing scrutiny and evolving healthcare policies. By embracing a culture of innovation, fostering collaborations, and staying adaptable, healthcare organizations can navigate the changing landscape and drive meaningful progress in digital health.

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