Mastering Productivity: The Buffett Formula Meets Personal Kanban

Tara H

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May 06, 2024

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Mastering Productivity: The Buffett Formula Meets Personal Kanban


In the fast-paced world we live in, maximizing productivity has become a top priority for many individuals. Two powerful concepts, the Buffett Formula and Personal Kanban, offer valuable insights and techniques to enhance productivity. By combining these approaches, we can go to bed smarter than when we woke up and effectively visualize and organize our work. In this article, we will explore the common points between these two methods and provide actionable advice for implementing them in our daily lives.

The Buffett Formula:

Warren Buffett, one of the most successful investors of all time, once said, "The best thing a human being can do is to help another human being know more." This philosophy aligns perfectly with the mindset of Personal Kanban, which emphasizes continuous learning and improvement. Buffett's partner and friend, Charlie Munger, also highlighted the importance of self-investment. Munger believed that dedicating an hour each day to personal growth and development was the key to success. By allocating time for ourselves, whether it be for learning or working on personal projects, we can enhance our knowledge and skills, ultimately becoming more valuable individuals.

Personal Kanban: Visualizing and Streamlining Work:

Personal Kanban is a productivity system that revolves around visualizing and organizing work tasks. By using tools like Trello boards, one can create a Kanban Board consisting of columns representing different stages of work. The three main sections are Backlog/To-Do, Doing, and Done.

The Backlog section contains tasks that are not currently being worked on but need attention at some point. The Doing section includes tasks that are in progress, while the Done section showcases completed tasks. This visual representation of work allows individuals to have a clear overview of their workload and progress, keeping them motivated and productive.

Implementing Personal Kanban:

To effectively implement Personal Kanban, it is crucial to limit the amount of work in progress (WIP). This means focusing on a few tasks at a time instead of multitasking, which can lead to decreased productivity and increased stress. By limiting WIP, we can ensure that tasks are completed efficiently and effectively.

When using Personal Kanban, whiteboards can be an excellent tool. They allow for quick drawing of columns and easy addition and erasure of tasks. For added flexibility, Post-It notes can be used for individual tasks, making them easily movable without the need for rewriting. Different colored notes can be assigned to indicate priority levels, such as yellow for medium priority, purple for low priority, and red for the most important tasks. However, for those who travel frequently, digital platforms like Trello or KanbanFlow provide convenience and accessibility.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Dedicate Time for Personal Growth: Follow the Buffett Formula by selling yourself an hour each day. Use this time to learn, develop new skills, or work on personal projects. By investing in yourself, you become a more valuable individual, both personally and professionally.
  • 2. Visualize Your Work: Implement Personal Kanban by creating a visual representation of your tasks. Use tools like Trello or a whiteboard to organize your to-dos into Backlog, Doing, and Done sections. This visual overview will help you stay motivated and focused.
  • 3. Limit Work in Progress: Avoid multitasking and limit the number of tasks you work on simultaneously. By focusing on a few tasks at a time, you can ensure higher quality work and better productivity.


By combining the wisdom of the Buffett Formula with the practicality of Personal Kanban, we can enhance our productivity and achieve personal and professional growth. Dedicate time to invest in yourself, visualize your work using Kanban techniques, and limit your work in progress to maximize efficiency. Remember, going to bed smarter than when you woke up is not just a goal but a mindset to embrace.

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