Why Does College Cost So Much?

By Robert B. Archibald & David H. Feldman
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"Why Does College Cost So Much?" by Robert B. Archibald and David H. Feldman scrutinizes the factors behind the soaring costs of higher education in America. This expertly researched and engagingly written analysis breaks down the complexities of college expenses, offering readers a comprehensive understanding of the issue.

Archibald and Feldman delve into the economic dynamics driving the rising costs, exploring the interplay of factors such as administrative bloat, technological advancement, and the competitive nature of college rankings. They reveal how changes in government funding have affected tuition fees and how colleges have responded to increasing demands for amenities and services.

The authors also address the oft-debated topic of excessive faculty salaries, highlighting the nuances that contribute to the perceived problem. Through extensive research and data analysis, they challenge common misconceptions and shed light on the real reasons behind the growth in the cost of education.

In addition, the book examines the implications of the rising college costs on access and affordability, investigating the impact on low-income students and the long-term consequences for individual and societal success. It explores the flawed financial aid system and proposes potential solutions to promote equitable access to education.

By presenting complex information in a concise and accessible manner, "Why Does College Cost So Much?" offers readers a thought-provoking analysis of the various factors influencing the ever-increasing price of a college education in the United States. Archibald and Feldman's insights provide valuable perspectives for students, parents, educators, policymakers, and anyone concerned about the future of higher education.
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