The Works: Anatomy of a City

By Kate Ascher
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"The Works" by Kate Ascher is an engaging exploration of the complex infrastructure that keeps our modern cities functioning. Through clear and concise prose, Ascher takes readers on a captivating journey beneath the surface, uncovering the intricate networks of transportation, communication, water, power, and waste management systems that make urban life possible.

In each chapter, Ascher delves into a different aspect of urban infrastructure, detailing the inner workings of subway systems, highways, airports, telephone networks, electrical grids, and sewer systems. Drawing from extensive research and interviews with experts, she presents a wealth of fascinating information, accompanied by insightful illustrations and diagrams that elucidate the complex systems in a visually accessible way.

From the abandoned tunnels beneath New York City to the futuristic ideas for sustainable city planning, Ascher's book offers a comprehensive yet concise overview of the invisible backbone that sustains our modern cities. With a keen eye for detail and a talent for distilling complex concepts into understandable terms, she brings these hidden networks to life, inspiring readers to develop a deeper appreciation for the intricate web of infrastructure all around them.

"The Works" is a must-read for anyone curious about the infrastructural marvels that power our urban centers. Whether you are an urban planner, a transportation enthusiast, or simply someone interested in how cities operate, Ascher's book serves as an invaluable guide, shedding light on the hidden mechanisms that enable our bustling cities to function seamlessly.
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