By William Gibson
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In the near future, where virtual entertainment and celebrity obsession dominate society, a rock star named Rez is on a mission to marry an artificial intelligence (AI) idol named Rei Toei, also known as the "idoru." As Rez’s marriage plans gain attention, a young fan named Chia Pet Mackenzie becomes deeply fascinated by both Rez and the idoru. Meanwhile, a former security guard named Rydell is hired to investigate a mysterious cult called the "Lo/Rez" that seems to be plotting against Rez.

As Rydell delves into the underground world of Tokyo, he discovers a vast array of characters, including a talented but troubled young girl named Laney, who has the unique ability to analyze and predict trends in the collective unconsciousness of the internet. With Laney's assistance, Rydell begins to unravel the complex web of intrigue surrounding Rez and the idoru, gradually uncovering the truth behind their relationship and the potentially catastrophic consequences it may have on society.

Through the interweaving perspectives of Chia, Rydell, and other characters, "Idoru" explores themes of celebrity culture, virtual reality, personal identity, and the implications of technology becoming indistinguishable from reality. As their paths converge, each character must confront their own desires, motivations, and obsessions, ultimately leading to a surprising climax that challenges the boundaries of human connection, creativity, and existence itself.

William Gibson’s "Idoru" is an enthralling and thought-provoking novel that combines elements of science fiction, cyberpunk, and social commentary, leaving readers pondering the nature of identity and the allure of artificial intelligence in an increasingly interconnected world.
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