Epic Measures: One Doctor. Seven Billion Patients.

By Jermey N. Smith
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"Epic Measures" by Jeremy N. Smith unveils the extraordinary story of a man's quest to measure global health. In this captivating non-fiction narrative, journalist Smith delves into the life and work of Dr. Christopher Murray, a prodigious researcher determined to measure the impact of diseases worldwide and mitigate human suffering.

Traversing remote communities across the globe and partnering with passionate colleagues, Murray creates the Global Burden of Disease Study, an audacious initiative that seeks to quantify health challenges, unravel mysteries plaguing public health, and shape policies and interventions.

Smith takes readers on a gripping journey, unveiling Murray's tireless efforts to gather data, battling skepticism and political resistance while grappling with his own personal demons. Through meticulous research and interviews with key players, Smith offers an intimate portrayal of the immense challenges and triumphs in this monumental undertaking.

With storytelling prowess, Smith illuminates the staggering toll of disease on societies, highlighting the urgent need for reliable data and evidence-based decision-making in healthcare. "Epic Measures" holds up a mirror to the global health landscape, compelling readers to reflect on the role of accurate measurement in combating diseases and improving lives.

In this thought-provoking masterpiece, Smith celebrates the power of data, resilience, and collaboration, offering a profound exploration of the intersection between science, global health, and human compassion.
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