A Time for New Dreams

By Ben Okri
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A Time for New Dreams by Ben Okri is a rich and poetic collection of essays and reflections that explore the power of imagination and the possibility of a better world.

In this book, Okri takes readers on a journey through topics such as art, literature, politics, and spirituality. With his signature lyrical style, he delves into the importance of dreams and the role they play in shaping our reality.

Through a combination of personal anecdotes, philosophical musings, and social commentary, Okri challenges readers to question the status quo and envision a future filled with hope and possibility.

Drawing inspiration from various sources, including African folklore, Okri emphasizes the transformative power of storytelling and the need for diverse voices to be heard. He encourages readers to reclaim their imaginations and believe in the potential for change.

A Time for New Dreams offers a profound and inspiring perspective on the world we live in and the world we could create. With its concise yet poetic prose, this book invites readers to dream big and embrace the transformative power of imagination.
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