The Intersection of Social Apps and SEO: Lessons from Web 2.0 and Zero-Volume Keywords


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Aug 15, 2023

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The Intersection of Social Apps and SEO: Lessons from Web 2.0 and Zero-Volume Keywords


In today's digital landscape, social apps and SEO play crucial roles in driving engagement, connecting users, and optimizing content for search engines. By analyzing the lessons learned from Web 2.0 and exploring the untapped potential of zero-volume keywords, we can uncover valuable insights that can shape the future of these two domains.

Web 2.0 and the Evolution of Social Apps:

Web 2.0 revolutionized the way we interacted with social networks 15 years ago. However, as social apps continue to grow, the sheer number of connections has become overwhelming. Managing thousands of friends and determining their access to our content has become a chore. To address this, small chat groups and algorithm-driven feeds have simplified the process. The next generation of social apps will focus on creating genuine connections, allowing creators to own their audiences, and monetizing directly through subscriptions, NFTs, and other innovative models. These new platforms will also explore interactive media formats, such as 3D content and audio, which have the potential to transform the social landscape.

The Rise of the Creator Economy:

The Creator Economy has emerged as a reaction to existing platforms that often hinder the direct relationship between creators and their audiences. With the advent of NFTs, subscriptions, and e-commerce, creators now have more avenues to monetize their content. However, the "back office" infrastructure that supports creators will become a battleground for platforms. Simplifying the process of authoring 3D content, integrating it into games or interactive formats, and embracing audio will be key to capturing the attention of creators and audiences alike.

The Power of Zero-Volume Keywords:

In the world of SEO, long-tail keywords have traditionally been prioritized for their high intent and low competition. However, there are industries, such as SaaS and B2B, where keyword tools fail to provide measurable data for core keywords. These "zero-volume" keywords, often overlooked by traditional research methods, can be high-converting and fall deep into the conversion funnel. By leveraging alternative approaches, such as sales and customer service insights, trend analysis tools, and online community engagement, marketers can uncover valuable keyword ideas that are yet to be discovered by competitors.

Actionable Advice for Social Apps and SEO:

  • 1. Embrace focused communities: Instead of striving for massive networks, social apps should prioritize building tight-knit communities where users can form genuine connections. By gaining saturation in a single community before expanding to adjacent networks, engagement and viral loops can be optimized for better growth.
  • 2. Empower creators and explore new media formats: Social apps should provide creators with the tools and resources to own their audiences and monetize directly. By incorporating interactive media formats, such as 3D content, games, and audio, apps can offer unique and engaging experiences that capture users' attention.
  • 3. Harness the power of zero-volume keywords: SEO practitioners should look beyond traditional keyword tools and explore alternative sources for keyword ideas. By tapping into sales and customer service insights, trend analysis tools, and online communities, marketers can discover valuable long-tail keywords that have yet to be targeted by competitors. Re-optimizing content around these keywords and closely tracking their performance can lead to new ranking opportunities.


The lessons from Web 2.0 and the untapped potential of zero-volume keywords provide valuable insights for the future of social apps and SEO. By focusing on building genuine connections, empowering creators, and exploring innovative media formats, social apps can create engaging experiences for users. Similarly, SEO practitioners can uncover hidden opportunities by delving into alternative sources for keyword ideas and re-optimizing content for zero-volume keywords. By integrating these actionable strategies, both social apps and SEO can stay ahead of the curve and drive meaningful engagement in the digital landscape.

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