Capturing Cross-Selling Synergies in M&A: How Goodreads Can Monetize Its Business


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Aug 07, 2023

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Capturing Cross-Selling Synergies in M&A: How Goodreads Can Monetize Its Business

In the world of mergers and acquisitions (M&A), capturing cross-selling synergies is crucial for post-transaction success. While cost synergies are relatively straightforward to estimate and realize, revenue synergies require a deep commitment and understanding of the opportunity at hand.

Cross-selling, the practice of delivering products and services traditionally sold to one set of customers to another set of customers, is a powerful way to achieve revenue synergies. On average, the gap between the desired goal and the actual result is approximately 20 percent. Therefore, it is essential to capture the majority of synergies within three to five years to meet shareholder expectations.

To identify the cross-selling opportunity in a merger, M&A teams can focus on the "six Cs": complementarity, connection, capacity, capability, compensation, and commitment. These dimensions provide a strong sense of the potential for cross-selling and increase the odds of success.

Complementarity comes from evaluating how well the companies' accounts, products, and services complement each other. This assessment helps determine if there is a natural fit for cross-selling opportunities.

Connection is another crucial factor. It is important to determine if the companies have strong customer relationships to build on. Having a strong relationship with the account is important, but it is equally important to have a strong relationship with the specific buyer to ensure success.

Capacity refers to the ability of the salesforce to focus on cross-selling. Sales leaders need to evaluate if their teams have the bandwidth and resources to effectively execute cross-selling initiatives.

Capability comes down to whether the salesforce has the necessary skills for cross-selling. Training and development programs may be required to ensure that salespeople are equipped with the right skill set.

Compensation plays a significant role in motivating salespeople to prioritize cross-selling. However, a well-calibrated compensation plan alone is not enough. Nonmonetary incentives, such as recognition programs, are critical to spurring salespeople to make cross-selling a priority.

Among the six Cs, commitment has the highest correlation with overall program success. It is crucial for the company to be fully committed to cross-selling and allocate the necessary resources to drive its implementation.

While M&A teams can evaluate overlap in customers or products, they tend to overestimate the potential complementarity of products. Therefore, it is important to conduct a thorough analysis and not rely solely on assumptions.

Now, let's shift our focus to Goodreads, a popular book recommendation platform. Goodreads recently acquired technology from Discovereads to enhance its book-recommendation engine. By leveraging this technology, Goodreads can better understand success indicators for books, making it a valuable source of data.

Currently, Goodreads generates revenue through promoted book campaigns in collaboration with major publishers. With its deep understanding of book performance indicators, Goodreads could monetize its business further. By offering applications, services, and content offerings to its members, Goodreads can transform into a true social commerce site.

Goodreads already offers a data API for third-party websites to leverage its information. However, there is untapped potential in bringing third parties into the Goodreads platform itself, similar to how Facebook monetized its platform. By scaling its community and attracting new businesses, Goodreads can unlock new monetization opportunities.

In conclusion, capturing cross-selling synergies in M&A and monetizing businesses like Goodreads requires careful evaluation of the six Cs: complementarity, connection, capacity, capability, compensation, and commitment. By identifying and leveraging these dimensions, companies can increase their chances of achieving revenue synergies and meeting shareholder expectations.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Conduct a thorough analysis of complementarity and avoid overestimating the potential for cross-selling. Look beyond surface-level similarities and evaluate if there is a natural fit for cross-selling opportunities.
  • 2. Focus on building strong connections with both accounts and specific buyers. Understand the relevance of new products to decision-makers and establish credibility and trust in the new space.
  • 3. Develop a comprehensive compensation plan that combines monetary incentives with nonmonetary recognition programs. Motivate salespeople to prioritize cross-selling and create a sense of momentum by making early progress on cross-sell initiatives.

By following these actionable advice, companies can better capture cross-selling synergies in M&A and unlock new monetization opportunities, just like Goodreads has the potential to do.

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