"The Future of Wealth Distribution: Embracing Technology and Fairly Sharing the Benefits"


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Sep 07, 2023

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"The Future of Wealth Distribution: Embracing Technology and Fairly Sharing the Benefits"


In a world driven by technological advancements, the concept of "Moore's Law for everything" has become a rallying cry for a generation seeking affordable access to the things they want. As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to evolve and transform various industries, there is a need to design a system that embraces this future and ensures a fair distribution of wealth. This article explores the potential impact of AI on the economy, the importance of economic inclusivity, and proposes actionable steps to achieve a more equitable society.

The Power of AI in Shaping the Future:

In the next five years, AI-powered computer programs will be capable of reading legal documents and providing medical advice. Beyond that, they will revolutionize various fields, including scientific discoveries that expand our understanding of the world. This recursive loop of innovation, with smart machines helping create even smarter machines, will accelerate the pace of change and generate phenomenal wealth. However, to enable more people to pursue the life they want, a significant shift in policy is essential.

The Role of Technology in Economic Growth and Inclusivity:

Wealth is buying power, and the best way to increase societal wealth is by reducing the cost of goods and services, driven by advancements in technology. AI, in particular, will lower costs by decreasing labor expenses throughout the supply chain. A stable economic system requires both growth and inclusivity. Economic growth ensures continuous improvement in people's lives, while economic inclusivity provides equal opportunities for all to access the resources they need. By embracing capitalism and incentivizing investment in value-generating assets, society can drive economic growth. However, addressing inequality and ensuring equal opportunity becomes vital to sustain a prosperous society.

Taxing Capital Instead of Labor:

As AI takes over the production of basic goods and services, individuals will have more time for personal pursuits and social contributions. To improve capitalism, the focus should shift towards taxing capital rather than labor. By implementing taxes on companies (particularly those utilizing AI) and privately-held land, society can distribute ownership and wealth more fairly. Introducing the concept of an "American Equity Fund" could ensure that every citizen benefits directly from economic self-determination, as the value of assets continues to grow.

Challenges and Solutions:

To address potential challenges, such as companies returning value to shareholders instead of reinvesting in growth, specific measures can be taken. For private companies with significant revenue, a tax in equity could accrue until they go public, ensuring that they contribute to the fair distribution of wealth. Additionally, robust systems for quantifying the value of land would be necessary, either through federal assessors or local governments. By gradually transitioning to a 2.5% tax rate, a politically feasible approach can be adopted to launch the American Equity Fund.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Focus on direct sales: Direct sales have proven to be a critical lever in kickstarting supply growth for marketplaces. Engage in one-on-one sales efforts to overcome initial obstacles and build a solid foundation.
  • 2. Capitalize on referrals: Referrals can be a powerful driver of growth. Encourage satisfied users to refer others to your marketplace, leveraging the network effect to attract more suppliers.
  • 3. Consider single-player mode: Offering a useful tool or service to one side of the marketplace can help bootstrap initial supply. By providing value to suppliers independently, you can attract their participation and establish a strong foundation.


To embrace the future of technology-driven wealth creation, society must implement policies that ensure fair distribution. By taxing capital, particularly companies and land, and creating an American Equity Fund, everyone can benefit from economic self-determination. The key lies in driving economic growth while prioritizing inclusivity, enabling individuals to pursue the life they desire. By implementing the proposed strategies and prioritizing the greater good, we can create a future where the pie grows larger, and everyone benefits.

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