How Faves Is Building the Future of Content Curation


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Aug 30, 2023

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How Faves Is Building the Future of Content Curation

Link sharing has become one of the most common user behaviors in today's digital world. However, it's surprising to note that there is no dedicated platform solely focused on this activity. This creates a chicken and egg situation where the lack of content leads to a lack of viewers, and vice versa. Recognizing this gap, Faves set out to build a platform that caters to the needs of people who care deeply about the content they consume.

Faves understands that people value content recommendations from two key groups: those they admire and their friends. With this in mind, the platform aims to provide curated content that is both trustworthy and relevant. In April 2021, Faves was launched as an invite-only product to gather user insights and enhance the overall experience as it scales up. The initial 100 curators were handpicked, and the app gradually opened up to 20-50 users per day. The response has been remarkable, with users posting frequently and actively engaging with the platform.

One of the reasons for the high level of activity on Faves is the low barrier to entry for curating content. While creating original content can be intimidating and time-consuming, curating content is relatively easy. Users can sift through various sources, select the most interesting pieces, and share them with their followers. This simplicity encourages more users to become curators and actively participate in content curation.

Interestingly, Faves is not the only platform revolutionizing the way content is consumed and shared. Brave, a web browser, has also made significant strides in this area. Brave Rewards, a feature of the browser, allows advertisers to show ads by purchasing Basic Attention Token (BAT). The process involves buying BAT on behalf of the advertiser and supporting the token's price through ad campaigns and the trading of BAT on cryptocurrency exchanges.

This approach taken by Brave raises an intriguing question: can this model stabilize the price of cryptocurrencies? By tying the value of BAT to the demand generated by advertisers and users selling their BAT, there is potential for more stability in the cryptocurrency market. This unique strategy not only benefits advertisers but also creates an ecosystem where users can actively participate in the value exchange process.

Building on the insights from Faves and Brave, here are three actionable pieces of advice for individuals and businesses looking to leverage the future of content curation:

  • 1. Embrace the power of recommendation: Understand that people trust recommendations from those they admire and their friends. Focus on curating content that aligns with your audience's interests and preferences to build trust and engagement.
  • 2. Lower the barrier to entry: Make it easy for users to curate content by providing intuitive tools and interfaces. By reducing the effort required to curate, you can encourage more users to actively participate and contribute to the platform.
  • 3. Explore alternative value exchange models: Consider innovative ways to create value for both advertisers and users. By adopting models like Brave's BAT system, you can create a mutually beneficial ecosystem that encourages engagement and provides stability to the cryptocurrency market.

In conclusion, the future of content curation is promising. Platforms like Faves and Brave are leading the way in redefining how we discover and share content. By understanding the needs of users, simplifying the curating process, and exploring alternative value exchange models, we can build a future where content curation thrives and benefits both creators and consumers alike.

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