Why Every Company Will Become a Fintech Company: The Power of Network Effects and Critical Mass


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Sep 11, 2023

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Why Every Company Will Become a Fintech Company: The Power of Network Effects and Critical Mass

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, it's becoming increasingly clear that every company, regardless of industry, will eventually become a fintech company. The transformation is driven by the rise of infrastructure "as a service" and the need for companies to have a core system that tracks and manages their customers' finances. This change is not only revolutionizing the way financial services are provided but also opening up new opportunities for companies to enhance their existing services.

The concept of network effects plays a crucial role in this transformation. Network effects occur when the value of a product or service increases as more people use it. In the context of fintech, this means that as more customers join a financial platform, the benefits for all participants grow exponentially. This is especially true in software businesses, where the scalability and efficiency of technology allow for rapid growth and the creation of a competitive advantage.

One example of a company leveraging network effects is Propel, a company that serves families on Electronic Benefits (e.g., food stamps). By building a network of users who can easily access their benefits and make payments, Propel is able to provide a valuable service to its customers while also benefiting from the network effects that come with a growing user base.

However, network effects are not a guarantee of success. The strength of network effects is not solely determined by the number of participants in a network. The quality and strength of the connections between users also play a crucial role. For example, the social media platform Friendster had millions of users but ultimately failed because the bonds between users were weak, leading to a lack of engagement and ultimately the unraveling of the network.

Critical mass is another important concept in business, particularly in technology companies. Critical mass refers to the level of users needed to create a set of network effects that are so strong they build a moat for the business. Achieving critical mass often requires a combination of market adoption and a compelling value proposition. Companies like Facebook started with small, targeted markets (such as Harvard students) and gradually expanded to larger audiences, leveraging the power of network effects along the way.

In order to harness the power of network effects and critical mass, companies must prioritize building strong connections with their customers and continuously engaging with them. This requires ongoing dialogue and feedback loops to ensure that the company's products and services are meeting the needs of its users. It also means being cautious about prematurely sharing information with larger platforms like Facebook, as reaching critical mass before the business is fully developed can be detrimental.

With the rise of fintech and the increasing importance of network effects and critical mass, there are several actionable pieces of advice that companies can follow to navigate this changing landscape:

  • 1. Embrace technology and leverage it to enhance your existing services. Look for opportunities to integrate financial services into your business model and explore partnerships with fintech companies that can help you streamline processes and improve customer experiences.
  • 2. Prioritize building strong connections with your customers. Engage in ongoing dialogue, seek feedback, and continuously iterate on your products and services to ensure they meet the evolving needs of your users.
  • 3. Focus on achieving critical mass in your target market before expanding to larger audiences. Start with a small, targeted market and gradually scale up, leveraging the power of network effects to drive growth and build a competitive advantage.

In conclusion, the transformation of every company into a fintech company is inevitable in today's business landscape. By understanding the power of network effects and critical mass, companies can position themselves for success and leverage technology to enhance their existing services. It's an exciting time for both businesses and consumers as the financial services industry continues to evolve and improve.

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