Combining the contents provided, we have created the following long-form article:


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Sep 26, 2023

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Combining the contents provided, we have created the following long-form article:

Title: "The Intersection of Great Product Features, SEO Traffic, and Startup Success"

In today's digital landscape, having great product features and generating SEO traffic are essential for the success of large sites and startups alike. But how can we discover and develop these features to scale our businesses effectively? Let's explore the common points and insights that connect these concepts naturally.

To begin with, SEO tools can be our allies in filtering keywords for position and including question modifiers like "why, where, what, when, or how." By focusing on keywords with a position above 30, we can identify potential opportunities for improvement. Large sites, especially those driven by inventory, can benefit greatly from new or enhanced product features. These scalable and indexable page templates, whether generated through user-generated content or product inventory, play a significant role in attracting organic traffic.

However, it's important to note that content-driven sites also generate substantial organic traffic through the content they create themselves. This highlights the importance of finding the right SEO strategy based on the nature of your business. New product features, in this context, are particularly valuable for decentralized sites that can scale with their inventory and marketplaces. Optimizing these features and making them indexable is crucial for improving SEO rankings.

Discovering new product features at scale and getting them shipped are two major challenges. Fortunately, SEO research can provide potent insights into customer needs and problems. By using tools like AHREFS or SEMrush, we can analyze our competitors' keywords and find inspiration for new features that we may not be ranking for. Additionally, the "jobs-to-be-done" framework by Clayton Christensen offers a helpful approach to understanding customer needs and perceptions while using a solution.

Understanding your audience and their language is also crucial for successful product development and SEO implementation. Learning "product speak" and workflows can help bridge the gap between SEO and other departments within the company. SEO should be seen as a meta-layer that complements web development, design, and writing, rather than a standalone process. Therefore, the success of SEOs depends on the execution of others, making effective communication and collaboration essential.

When it comes to informing the product team based on organic traffic opportunities, there are three effective approaches ranked by effectiveness. The ideal scenario involves direct reporting lines from developers to SEOs, ensuring seamless integration and alignment. Evangelizing SEO within the organization demands constant education and promotion of its importance and impact on revenue. This requires SEOs to speak the language of money and clearly communicate how their goals align with overall business objectives.

Now, let's shift our focus to Andrew Chen's perspective on startup conditions. While technology may change rapidly, human nature remains constant. By combining technology with an understanding of people's fundamental desires, valuable products can be created. For instance, Michelin's approach of packaging destination-worthy restaurants across France, Europe, and the world not only gave people a reason to drive but also created an enticing experience worth sharing with friends and family.

Looking back a century ago, CPG companies used advertisements and coupons to stimulate demand, solving the chicken and egg problem. Today, startups are leveraging fantastic mobile apps to generate demand and solve similar problems. This approach still holds true and continues to be effective.

The intersection of new technology, consumer psychology, and growth insights creates exciting opportunities for startups. One key element is embracing new technologies and platforms that are emerging rapidly. Whether it's marketplaces, B2B solutions, mobile apps, or breakthrough innovations, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. Another significant opportunity lies in the potential of video. Videos are not limited to music videos but can be utilized across various forms of entertainment and media, driving further growth and engagement.

Moreover, there is a compelling opportunity in automatic video generation products that engage users and encourage more video-sharing activities. This, in turn, leads to increased viral acquisition and engagement. Additionally, creating offline experiences that entice users to use the app can be a growth hack in a saturated online channel. When online channels become overwhelming, the real world becomes increasingly attractive, creating opportunities for startups to stand out.

In conclusion, the key to success lies in the intersection of new technology, understanding consumer behavior, and gaining insights into growth. By combining these elements, startups and large sites can discover groundbreaking new product features that resonate with their audience and drive organic traffic. Remember, even as technology changes, people remain constant. By identifying the crossroads between technological advancements and human behavior, we can pave the way for the next generation of successful startups.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Utilize SEO tools to filter keywords and uncover opportunities for new product features. Target keywords with a position above 30 and question modifiers to identify areas for improvement.
  • 2. Incorporate SEO research into your product development process. Focus on customer needs and search volume to discover and develop features that align with organic traffic demand.
  • 3. Foster effective communication and collaboration within your organization. Establish direct reporting lines between developers and SEOs, and educate executives on the value of SEO in driving revenue.

Remember, the success of SEO and product development depends on the synergy between various departments and aligning goals with overall business objectives.

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