"The Road to $100M: Building a Great Product, Growth Frameworks, and Marketplace Success"


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Sep 03, 2023

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"The Road to $100M: Building a Great Product, Growth Frameworks, and Marketplace Success"


Building a successful company and achieving $100M in revenue requires more than just a great product. It involves understanding the different phases of the product death cycle, focusing on growth processes and strategies, and ensuring that all the puzzle pieces fit together. In this article, we will explore the key elements of market product fit, product channel fit, channel model fit, and model market fit. Additionally, we will discuss growth frameworks for marketplace success, including strategies for supply-constrained and demand-constrained marketplaces.

Market Product Fit:

To achieve market product fit, it is crucial to focus on the market and the problems experienced within it. Understanding the category, target audience, problems, and motivations is essential. While many companies excel at understanding the category and target audience, defining the problems and motivations behind them is equally important. By identifying and addressing these issues, companies can create a product that truly resonates with their market.

Product Channel Fit:

Product channel fit involves finding the right channels that align with your product. It is important to remember that channels define the rules, and products should be molded to fit those channels. One key aspect of product channel fit is network effect, where the value of the product increases as more users join the network. Additionally, focusing on quick time to value and enabling users to create unique content can enhance product channel fit. Companies should aim to find one or a few channels that work exceptionally well rather than taking a shotgun approach.

Channel Model Fit:

Channel model fit is determined by your business model. Factors such as how you charge and the average annual revenue per user play a significant role in channel model fit. Understanding the relationship between these factors and finding the right channels that align with your model is crucial for success. It is important to avoid the ARPU-CAC Danger Zone, where companies struggle due to a lack of channel model fit. Instead, companies should aim to find channels that support their business model and offer sustainable growth.

Model Market Fit:

Model market fit involves understanding the size and potential of your target market. By assessing the total customers in the market, the percentage you can capture, and the average revenue per user, you can determine if your business has model market fit. It is essential to be realistic in estimating the percentage of the market you can capture and to adjust pricing strategies accordingly. For local marketplaces, achieving market leadership in one geography before expanding rapidly into others can lead to success.

Growth Frameworks for Marketplaces:

Marketplaces face unique challenges, with growth constraints often falling on either the demand or supply side. Understanding which side is more critical in the mid-term is crucial for determining growth strategies. For supply-constrained marketplaces, the focus should be on turning infrequent suppliers into power sellers and deepening the relationship to increase transaction volume. On the other hand, demand-constrained marketplaces should focus on product innovation and expansion to capture more users. Global marketplaces offer the advantage of global network effects, while local marketplaces require careful geographic expansion strategies.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Focus on understanding the problems and motivations of your target market, not just the category and target audience.
  • 2. Find one or a few channels that align with your product and mold your product to fit those channels.
  • 3. Assess your business model, target market, and growth constraints to determine the most effective growth strategies for your marketplace.


Achieving $100M in revenue involves more than just building a great product. It requires a deep understanding of market product fit, product channel fit, channel model fit, and model market fit. By focusing on these key elements and implementing growth frameworks tailored to marketplace success, companies can increase their chances of reaching their revenue goals.

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