"Unleashing Motivation and Designing Effective Initiatives: Connecting the Dots between Personal Drive and Blockchain Innovation"


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Aug 16, 2023

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"Unleashing Motivation and Designing Effective Initiatives: Connecting the Dots between Personal Drive and Blockchain Innovation"


Motivation is a key driver in any endeavor, whether it is personal growth, professional development, or even the adoption of emerging technologies like blockchain. In this article, we will explore the concept of motivation and its connection to the design of effective initiatives. Additionally, we will delve into the world of blockchain and the disconnect between its perceived value and its actual impact. By examining these two seemingly unrelated topics, we hope to uncover unique insights and provide actionable advice for individuals and organizations seeking to foster motivation and leverage blockchain technology.

Understanding Motivation and Effective Initiatives:

Renowned Russian developmental psychologist, Leonchew, argues that motivation can be categorized into two types: "only understandable motives" and "really effective motives." The former refers to motivations that are solely based on being understood by others, while the latter encompasses motivations that are truly effective in driving action and achieving goals. Interestingly, Leonchew suggests that the understanding-based motives can transform into effective motives through consistent effort and dedication. This concept can be applied to the design of initiatives aimed at fostering motivation. By creating initiatives that are understood and appreciated by individuals, they can gradually transform into truly effective motivators.

The Four Routes to Learning in a Community of Practice:

When it comes to learning within a community of practice, there are four distinct routes that individuals can take. First, learning from experienced members, mentors, or experts allows for a steady accumulation of knowledge and skills through perseverance. Second, expanding one's personal network and actively engaging with others can lead to a broader pool of knowledge and resources. As the network expands, the amount of usable knowledge increases, creating more opportunities for growth. Third, the loop learning between one's primary organization and the community of practice enables individuals to apply and refine their skills in real-world contexts. Lastly, embracing diverse perspectives and value systems within the community allows for a more comprehensive understanding of various subjects, leading to richer learning experiences.

The Token Disconnect and the Venture Capitalist Perspective:

The perception of blockchain technology, particularly in the form of tokens, varies greatly between different groups. While some see blockchain as a solution in search of a problem, others, specifically venture capitalists, view it as an innovative financial tool. Venture capitalists are primarily driven by the goal of returning money to their limited partners (LPs), and crypto offers an enticing opportunity to arbitrage securities regulations. The accreditation divide has fueled the Valley's obsession with crypto tokens and the ICO mania of 2017. By investing in tokens, venture capitalists can obtain an asset class that resembles a security but is not regulated as one. This financial engineering aspect of crypto assets, rather than software engineering, is where the true innovation lies.

The Implications of Financial Engineering in Crypto Assets:

The innovation in crypto assets lies in the realm of financial engineering rather than technological advancements. Crypto assets, such as tokens, function as financial products that allow investors to exercise early exit options by selling their shares directly to the public. Unlike traditional initial public offerings (IPOs), where shares are locked in for a considerable period, crypto assets provide immediate liquidity. This flexibility enables investors to cash out without the need for a comprehensive prospectus or regulatory filings. Additionally, the unregulated nature of crypto assets creates an environment reminiscent of the 1920s, where insider trading and market manipulation can occur without significant enforcement. This newfound freedom has attracted the attention of LPs in large funds, who see it as an opportunity to generate substantial profits.

Connecting the Dots: Motivation and Blockchain Innovation:

Although motivation and blockchain innovation may seem unrelated, there are common threads that connect them. Both concepts involve designing initiatives and engineering systems that drive action and produce desired outcomes. By understanding the psychological aspects of motivation, organizations and individuals can create initiatives that effectively engage and inspire participants. Similarly, recognizing the financial engineering aspect of blockchain can help investors and entrepreneurs navigate the evolving landscape of crypto assets.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Foster a culture of understanding and appreciation within your organization or community. By valuing individuals' efforts and recognizing their achievements, you can transform understanding-based motives into truly effective motives.
  • 2. Embrace diversity and different perspectives. Actively seek out opportunities to engage with individuals from various backgrounds and value systems. This exposure will broaden your understanding and enhance your learning experiences.
  • 3. Stay informed and educated about the financial aspects of blockchain and crypto assets. Understand the potential risks and rewards associated with investing in this emerging field. This knowledge will enable you to make informed decisions and navigate the ever-evolving landscape of blockchain innovation.


Motivation and blockchain innovation may seem like disparate topics, but upon closer examination, we discover commonalities in the design of effective initiatives and the engineering of financial systems. By understanding the psychological aspects of motivation and the financial intricacies of blockchain, individuals and organizations can unlock new possibilities and drive meaningful change. By fostering understanding, embracing diversity, and staying informed, we can harness motivation and leverage blockchain to fuel innovation and achieve our goals.

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