The Power of Collaboration: Case Studies in Healthcare Success

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Feb 04, 2024

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The Power of Collaboration: Case Studies in Healthcare Success


In the ever-evolving field of healthcare, collaboration between different entities is proving to be a game-changer. By joining forces and leveraging each other's strengths, organizations are creating better outcomes for patients while also saving costs. Two notable case studies - the partnership between Strive Health and SSM Health, and the success of Capital Rx - exemplify the transformative power of collaboration in the healthcare industry.

Strive Health and SSM Health: A Partnership for Better Patient Outcomes

In 2020, Strive Health and SSM Health embarked on a groundbreaking partnership that yielded impressive results within a short period. The collaboration aimed to improve care for patients with end-stage kidney disease (ESKD) and high-risk chronic kidney disease (CKD) populations. Within just 90 days, the partnership went from agreement to launch, showcasing the commitment and efficiency of both organizations.

The first-year results of this collaboration were truly remarkable. The partnership achieved a 10% reduction in total costs of care for ESKD and high-risk CKD populations. Additionally, there was a staggering 48% decrease in unnecessary hospitalizations among the ESKD population. These outcomes demonstrate the power of collaboration in driving positive change and optimizing healthcare delivery.

Building on Success: Expanding Patient Participation and Exploring New Relationships

After the initial success, SSM Health and Strive Health are now focused on expanding patient participation in value-based kidney care. By involving patients more actively in their own care, the partnership aims to further enhance outcomes and improve the overall patient experience. This patient-centric approach aligns with the growing emphasis on personalized care and shared decision-making in healthcare.

Furthermore, the collaboration between SSM Health and Strive Health has prompted the exploration of new relationships with healthcare payors in the Midwest. By forging new partnerships, the organizations can extend their reach and impact, ultimately benefiting a larger population of patients. This expansion not only showcases the scalability of collaborative efforts but also highlights the potential for replicating successful models in different regions.

Capital Rx: Revolutionizing Pharmacy Benefit Management

Capital Rx, a rising star in the healthcare industry, has achieved remarkable growth and recognition for its innovative approach to pharmacy benefit management (PBM). The company's revenue skyrocketed by an astounding 8,168%, earning them the title of the 15th fastest-growing company in North America on the prestigious 2022 Deloitte Technology Fast 500™ list.

The key to Capital Rx's success lies in its alignment with the changing landscape of healthcare. By offering an integrated Enterprise Pharmacy Platform called JUDI®, Capital Rx addresses the increasing demand for a comprehensive PBM solution. This platform streamlines processes, improves transparency, and empowers patients and providers to make informed decisions about their medication needs. The success of JUDI® showcases the power of technological innovation to revolutionize traditional healthcare practices.

Actionable Advice for Successful Collaborations:

  • 1. Foster a shared vision: Successful collaborations in healthcare require a shared vision and alignment of goals. By clearly defining the objectives, organizations can work together towards a common purpose, enabling them to overcome challenges and drive meaningful change.
  • 2. Embrace innovation and technology: The healthcare landscape is constantly evolving, and embracing innovation and technology is key to staying ahead. Collaborative efforts should leverage cutting-edge tools and platforms that enhance efficiency, improve patient outcomes, and drive cost savings.
  • 3. Prioritize patient-centered care: Collaboration in healthcare should always prioritize patient-centered care. By involving patients in decision-making, tailoring treatments to individual needs, and focusing on holistic care, organizations can create better outcomes and improve patient satisfaction.


The case studies of Strive Health and SSM Health, as well as Capital Rx, highlight the immense potential of collaboration in the healthcare industry. By partnering with like-minded organizations and embracing innovation, healthcare entities can achieve remarkable results, including improved patient outcomes, cost savings, and industry recognition. To succeed in collaborative efforts, organizations must prioritize shared goals, embrace technology, and prioritize patient-centered care. By doing so, the possibilities for transformative change in healthcare are limitless.

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