The Intersection of Medicare Value Based Care and Turkey's Global Ambitions

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Sep 13, 2023

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The Intersection of Medicare Value Based Care and Turkey's Global Ambitions


In recent times, two seemingly unrelated topics have garnered significant attention - Medicare Value Based Care (VBC) and Turkey's aspirations for global recognition. While these areas may appear distinct, a closer examination reveals underlying connections that shed light on the evolving landscape of healthcare and international politics. This article aims to explore the commonalities between Medicare VBC and Turkey's global ambitions, highlighting their impact and potential for future growth.

Medicare Value Based Care 101:

Medicare, the largest VBC system in the United States, has been instrumental in revolutionizing healthcare expenditure. The Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP), established in 2012, has not only provided cost savings but also improved healthcare outcomes for millions of beneficiaries. In 2021 alone, the MSSP covered 10.7 million individuals and achieved savings of $2.0 billion dollars. As we await the release of the 2022 performance year results, the significance of Medicare VBC cannot be overstated.

Turkey's Place on the World Stage:

Simultaneously, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been vocal about positioning Turkey as a prominent global power. In a speech commemorating the conquest of Istanbul, Erdogan emphasized the historical significance of his nation and its potential to shape the future. With a firm grip on power following successful election campaigns, Erdogan's focus has shifted towards solidifying Turkey's place on the world stage.

Common Points and Natural Connections:

Despite the apparent differences between healthcare policy and international politics, there are noteworthy parallels between Medicare VBC and Turkey's global ambitions. Both initiatives seek to reimagine existing structures and pursue transformative change.

1. Emphasis on Efficiency and Savings:

Medicare VBC, through its various contracts and risk pool assignment methods, aims to optimize healthcare outcomes while reducing costs. Similarly, Turkey, under Erdogan's leadership, has focused on economic growth and development to position itself as an influential player on the global stage. Both initiatives recognize the importance of efficiency and savings to achieve their respective goals.

2. Long-Term Vision and Planning:

Medicare VBC, with its multi-year performance assessments, encourages healthcare providers to adopt a long-term perspective. Similarly, Turkey's global ambitions necessitate strategic planning and vision beyond short-term gains. Both Medicare VBC and Turkey's aspirations require sustained efforts and a commitment to long-term success.

3. Collaboration and Partnerships:

Medicare VBC promotes collaboration among healthcare providers, encouraging them to work together towards shared goals. Similarly, Turkey seeks to establish strategic partnerships with other countries to expand its influence globally. Both initiatives recognize the value of collaboration and partnerships in achieving their objectives.

Unique Ideas and Insights:

While the connections between Medicare VBC and Turkey's global ambitions are not immediately apparent, a deeper analysis reveals interesting insights. Both areas highlight the importance of adaptability and innovation in navigating complex systems.

Actionable Advice:

1. Embrace Data and Technology:

In both Medicare VBC and Turkey's pursuit of global recognition, leveraging data and technology is crucial. Healthcare providers should invest in advanced analytics tools to identify areas for improvement and drive better patient outcomes. Similarly, Turkey must adopt digital transformation strategies to enhance its economic and political standing in the global arena.

2. Foster Collaboration Across Sectors:

To succeed in Medicare VBC and establish a strong global presence, collaboration across sectors is essential. Healthcare organizations should collaborate with community resources, social services, and other stakeholders to address the social determinants of health. Likewise, Turkey should forge alliances with other nations, fostering diplomatic and economic ties to strengthen its global influence.

3. Prioritize Continuous Learning and Adaptability:

Both Medicare VBC and Turkey's global ambitions require a commitment to continuous learning and adaptability. Healthcare providers must stay abreast of evolving best practices, regulatory changes, and technological advancements. Similarly, Turkey must remain agile in responding to geopolitical shifts and global trends to effectively navigate its path towards global recognition.


Medicare Value Based Care and Turkey's aspirations for global recognition may seem disparate topics, but they share common ground in their pursuit of transformative change. By embracing efficiency, long-term planning, collaboration, and innovation, both initiatives have the potential to shape the future. As we witness the evolution of healthcare and international politics, it is imperative to recognize the interconnectedness of seemingly unrelated domains and explore the possibilities that lie at their intersection.

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