"Overcoming Challenges in Healthcare Strategy and Infrastructure"

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Oct 14, 2023

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"Overcoming Challenges in Healthcare Strategy and Infrastructure"


In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, companies face numerous challenges when it comes to strategy and infrastructure. This article explores two different scenarios - a rapidly growing healthcare company in Florida and Amtrak's efforts to upgrade its Acela fleet - to shed light on the common points and lessons that can be learned. By examining these cases, we can uncover actionable advice that companies can apply to their own situations.

Rapid Growth and Strategic Leadership:

The Florida healthcare company's success story highlights the importance of strategic leadership in driving growth. Ms. Sangoi, the newly hired Vice President of Strategy, played a crucial role in presenting the company's growth story to investment bankers and institutional investors. Her expertise in insight-based planning, project management, data analytics, sales, CRM, and executive communications made her a problem solver and a valuable asset to the company. This demonstrates the significance of having a strong strategy and operations professional who can navigate the complexities of the healthcare industry and drive successful outcomes.

Infrastructure Challenges in Amtrak's Acela Fleet Upgrade:

Amtrak's $2 billion project to replace its Acela express trains faced a significant obstacle - the outdated railroad tracks on which the trains had to run. While the new trains from Alstom promised improved performance and a smoother ride, they were unable to operate at their full potential due to the shared tracks with commuter and freight trains. This limitation resulted in delays in bringing the new trains into service and frustration for Amtrak officials. The situation highlights the importance of infrastructure investment and the need to align resources with the intended goals of a project.

Finding Common Points:

Despite the differences in the healthcare and transportation sectors, there are common points that can be identified in these scenarios. Both cases emphasize the need for strategic planning, effective communication, and the ability to adapt to challenges. In the healthcare company's example, Ms. Sangoi's skills in insight-based planning and executive communications were instrumental in driving growth. Similarly, Amtrak officials faced challenges in communicating the delays and managing the expectations of stakeholders. These commonalities highlight the importance of strategy, communication, and adaptability in any industry.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Invest in Strategic Leadership: Companies should prioritize hiring experienced professionals who possess a diverse skill set and can provide insight-based planning, project management, and executive communication. These individuals can drive growth and navigate complexities effectively.
  • 2. Assess Infrastructure Needs: Before embarking on any major project, it is crucial to assess infrastructure requirements and ensure alignment between goals and available resources. Infrastructure investment is essential for long-term success and should not be overlooked.
  • 3. Prioritize Effective Communication: Clear and transparent communication is vital in managing expectations and navigating challenges. Companies must establish effective communication channels with stakeholders and be proactive in addressing concerns and providing updates.


The challenges faced by the Florida healthcare company and Amtrak's Acela fleet upgrade shed light on the importance of strategic leadership, infrastructure investment, and effective communication. By incorporating these lessons into their own operations, companies in various industries can overcome obstacles and drive growth. Investing in strategic leadership, assessing infrastructure needs, and prioritizing effective communication are actionable steps that can lead to successful outcomes in the face of challenges. Ultimately, the ability to adapt and innovate is key to thriving in a rapidly changing business landscape.

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