The Growing Importance of Data Transparency and Trust in Healthcare

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Dec 21, 2023

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The Growing Importance of Data Transparency and Trust in Healthcare


In recent years, the healthcare industry has witnessed a significant shift towards data transparency and trust. This shift is driven by the realization that better data management and collaboration among stakeholders can lead to improved outcomes and cost savings. Two recent developments exemplify this trend - the continued solid growth of DirectTrust, a leading provider of secure health information exchange, and the emergence of Kalderos, a company revolutionizing drug discount management.

DirectTrust Reports Continued Solid Growth during the First Quarter:

DirectTrust, a trusted provider of secure health information exchange (HIE), recently announced a remarkable 21% increase in the number of Direct Exchange transactions during the first quarter. Since tracking began in 2014, DirectTrust has facilitated nearly 2.3 billion transactions, averaging over 57 million transactions monthly. This impressive growth highlights the increasing reliance on secure and efficient data exchange in the healthcare ecosystem.

About Kalderos:

Kalderos, an interesting company that seems to have emerged from the 340B program, has pioneered the world's first Drug Discount Management platform. Their platform aims to enhance collaboration among drug discount stakeholders through better data, transparency, and trust. Kalderos launched their first product prototype, Grappa, in July, which enables covered entities to easily review claims. This innovative tool streamlines the process and ensures accuracy, ultimately leading to improved efficiency and cost savings.

Connecting the Dots:

While DirectTrust and Kalderos operate in different domains of healthcare, they both underscore the growing importance of data transparency and trust. DirectTrust focuses on secure health information exchange, facilitating seamless communication among healthcare providers. On the other hand, Kalderos tackles the complex world of drug discount management, aiming to foster transparency and collaboration among the various stakeholders involved.

Data Transparency as a Catalyst for Change:

The success and growth of DirectTrust can be attributed to the increasing recognition of the value of data transparency in healthcare. By securely exchanging health information, healthcare providers can make more informed decisions, enhance patient care, and reduce costs. The rise of DirectTrust signifies the industry's dedication to enhancing interoperability and leveraging data for better outcomes.

Kalderos' Pivot towards Data Transparency:

Kalderos' journey from its origins in the 340B program to becoming a pioneer in drug discount management showcases the company's pivot towards data transparency. The Grappa tool, developed by Kalderos, empowers covered entities to review claims with ease and accuracy. By ensuring transparency and trust in the drug discount ecosystem, Kalderos aims to eliminate waste, reduce costs, and improve patient access to affordable medications.

Actionable Advice:

1. Embrace Secure Health Information Exchange:

Healthcare providers should explore and adopt secure health information exchange platforms like DirectTrust to streamline communication and improve patient care. By securely exchanging health data, providers can leverage insights to make informed decisions and enhance overall efficiency.

2. Leverage Data Transparency for Drug Discount Management:

Pharmaceutical companies, covered entities, and other stakeholders should embrace innovative platforms like Kalderos' Grappa to foster data transparency in the drug discount process. By collaborating and reviewing claims with better data and transparency, organizations can eliminate waste, reduce costs, and ensure patient access to affordable medications.

3. Prioritize Trust and Collaboration:

Trust and collaboration are critical pillars for successful healthcare data management. Stakeholders should prioritize building trust, fostering collaboration, and leveraging secure platforms to ensure the seamless exchange of information. By working together, the healthcare industry can drive positive change and improve patient outcomes.


The continued growth of DirectTrust and the emergence of Kalderos highlight the increasing importance of data transparency and trust in the healthcare industry. Secure health information exchange and innovative platforms like Kalderos' Grappa are revolutionizing the way healthcare data is managed, leading to improved outcomes, cost savings, and enhanced patient care. As the industry continues to prioritize data transparency and collaboration, the potential for transformative change in healthcare becomes even more promising.

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