"The Intersection of Healthcare Leadership and Automotive Innovation"

Ben H.

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Aug 19, 2023

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"The Intersection of Healthcare Leadership and Automotive Innovation"

Healthmap Solutions, a prominent kidney population health management company based in Tampa, FL, recently announced the appointment of Eli Wahesh as its new Chief Operating Officer (COO). This strategic move by Healthmap aligns with their ongoing Strategic Growth Initiative, as they aim to expand their services to a wider range of health plans, health systems, Accountable Care Organizations, and their members across the United States.

Eli Wahesh brings over 25 years of operational leadership experience to his new role as COO of Healthmap Solutions. Prior to joining the company, he served as the COO of CareMetx, a provider of patient support services for specialty drugs on behalf of pharmaceutical manufacturers and provider organizations. Wahesh also held the position of Executive Vice President of Operations for eviCore healthcare, a subsidiary of Evernorth/Cigna, where he played a pivotal role in scaling the business to serve over 100 million members across 90 health plans nationwide. His extensive expertise spans various areas, including contact centers, clinical organizations, product operations, claims operations, systems integration, network management, client services, and account management.

While the healthcare industry experiences this notable leadership change, the automotive industry is grappling with its own set of challenges. Electric cars, which have gained significant traction in recent years, have shed light on the need to rethink brake lights. According to the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 108, Stop Lamps should be steady-burning and activate upon the application of the service brakes. However, there is a current issue with the US auto safety code, as stopping lamps are not required to illuminate when using regenerative braking, despite the fact that current electric vehicles (EVs) are capable of coming to complete and abrupt stops using this system.

This discrepancy raises an important point about the need to adapt regulations and standards to keep pace with technological advancements. As EVs become increasingly prevalent on our roads, it is crucial to ensure that safety measures are in place to protect both drivers and pedestrians. By reevaluating the existing regulations and updating them to include the activation of brake lights during regenerative braking, we can enhance overall road safety and reduce the risk of accidents.

In the realm of healthcare leadership and automotive innovation, there are common threads that connect these seemingly disparate fields. Both industries rely on forward-thinking individuals who can navigate complex systems, drive growth, and implement effective strategies. The appointment of Eli Wahesh as COO of Healthmap Solutions exemplifies the importance of strong leadership in the healthcare sector, just as the need to rethink brake lights in electric cars highlights the significance of innovation and adaptation in the automotive industry.

To capitalize on these commonalities and foster positive change, here are three actionable pieces of advice:

  • 1. Embrace Technological Advancements: Healthcare leaders should be open to incorporating cutting-edge technologies into their operations to improve patient outcomes and enhance efficiency. Similarly, the automotive industry must embrace innovation to address safety concerns and keep up with the rapid evolution of electric vehicles.
  • 2. Foster Collaboration: To navigate the complex landscape of healthcare and automotive industries, collaboration is key. By fostering partnerships and collaboration between healthcare organizations, technology companies, and automotive manufacturers, we can drive meaningful change and find common solutions to shared challenges.
  • 3. Advocate for Regulatory Updates: It is imperative for industry leaders, policymakers, and advocates to advocate for regulatory updates that align with technological advancements. In the case of electric cars, pushing for the inclusion of brake light activation during regenerative braking can significantly enhance road safety and protect all road users.

In conclusion, the appointment of Eli Wahesh as COO of Healthmap Solutions and the need to rethink brake lights in electric cars serve as reminders of the critical role that leadership and innovation play in shaping various industries. By embracing technological advancements, fostering collaboration, and advocating for regulatory updates, we can drive positive change and create a safer and more efficient future for healthcare and automotive sectors alike.

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