"Creating a Sustainable and Inclusive Future: Partnerships for Positive Change"

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Jul 02, 2023

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"Creating a Sustainable and Inclusive Future: Partnerships for Positive Change"


The 2022 ESG Report highlights our firm's commitment to creating a more sustainable, inclusive, and growing future for all. With a strong purpose, we aim to accelerate sustainable and inclusive growth by directly impacting the world in partnership with our clients. However, it is essential to explore how this purpose aligns with the less purpose-driven work of our firm.

Partnerships for Positive Change:

One example of our firm's commitment to creating positive change is the recent partnership between Kaiser Permanente and a safety-net hospital in Colorado. Kaiser Permanente's $10 million investment in the hospital demonstrates the willingness of large health systems to support smaller organizations struggling with rising expenses. By providing a $5 million grant to Denver Health and matching funds of another $5 million, Kaiser Permanente aims to alleviate the financial burden faced by the safety-net hospital.

Responsibility and Benefits:

Some may question why Kaiser Permanente considers this investment as part of its responsibility. However, it is crucial to recognize the impact that safety-net hospitals have on communities. Denver Health, for instance, serves approximately 30% of the city's population each year, including indigent and uninsured residents. As the hospital reported an operating loss of $23.8 million in 2022, Kaiser Permanente's support will help ensure that the hospital can continue providing vital healthcare services to those in need.

Balancing Purpose-Driven Work:

While our firm's purpose is centered around creating positive change, it is essential to acknowledge that not all aspects of our work align with this purpose. However, by actively seeking opportunities for partnerships and investments that contribute to sustainability and inclusivity, we can strive to create a more balanced approach. This means leveraging our resources and influence to address societal challenges and support organizations that are working towards a more sustainable and inclusive future.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Seek Purpose-Driven Collaborations: Look for opportunities to collaborate with organizations that share our commitment to sustainability and inclusivity. By joining forces, we can amplify our impact and create a more significant change together.
  • 2. Allocate Resources for Social Impact: Allocate a portion of our resources specifically for social impact initiatives. By earmarking funds for projects that align with our purpose, we can ensure that our efforts are directed towards creating positive change.
  • 3. Foster Employee Engagement: Engage employees in initiatives that promote sustainability and inclusivity. Encourage volunteering, organize educational programs, and provide platforms for employees to contribute their unique skills towards creating a better future for all.


Creating a sustainable and inclusive future requires a collective effort, and partnerships play a crucial role in this journey. By actively seeking collaborations, allocating resources, and fostering employee engagement, we can make a significant impact and create positive change. Let us embrace our purpose and work towards a more sustainable, inclusive, and growing future for all.

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