Expanding Partnerships in Healthcare and AI: Enhancing Patient Care and Scaling AI Solutions

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Mar 23, 2024

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Expanding Partnerships in Healthcare and AI: Enhancing Patient Care and Scaling AI Solutions


In recent news, two leading organizations in the healthcare and AI industries have announced significant expansions to their existing partnerships. Somatus, the nation's largest value-based kidney care company, and Kidney Care Center have joined forces to improve outcomes for patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) and end-stage kidney disease (ESKD). At the same time, McKinsey, a renowned consulting firm, has launched QuantumBlack Horizon, a groundbreaking AI development tool suite aimed at helping organizations unlock the full potential of artificial intelligence.

Enhancing Kidney Care through Collaborative Efforts:

Somatus and Kidney Care Center have expanded their partnership to include a long-term, joint venture arrangement. This collaboration aims to improve the care and outcomes of patients residing in Illinois, Indiana, Georgia, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, and Florida. By leveraging value-based care (VBC) practices and participating in Medicare's Comprehensive Kidney Care Contracting (CKCC) program, the organizations are striving to reduce unnecessary Medicare expenses while delivering personalized, whole-person care. Through a multidisciplinary local care team, targeted technology and analytics, and direct medical care, the partnership aims to drive more healthy days at home for patients with CKD and ESKD.

Scaling AI Solutions with QuantumBlack Horizon:

McKinsey's QuantumBlack Horizon is a revolutionary AI development tool suite designed to help organizations harness the power of AI and machine learning. Developed within QuantumBlack Labs, a dedicated AI and machine learning innovation hub, Horizon combines the expertise of over 1,300 data scientists across 50 locations. This comprehensive product suite is the result of extensive investments in technical talent and research and includes acquisitions like Iguazio, a leader in machine learning technology.

The Importance of Real-World Impact:

Both partnerships emphasize the importance of real-world impact. Somatus and Kidney Care Center's joint venture aims to improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs by utilizing value-based care practices and participating in Medicare programs. On the other hand, QuantumBlack Horizon's launch signifies McKinsey's commitment to industrializing and streamlining AI development to deliver tangible value to organizations across various sectors. These initiatives highlight the need for cohesive production systems, tech stacks, and operating models to drive meaningful change.

Actionable Advice for Success:

  • 1. Embrace Value-Based Care: Healthcare organizations can enhance patient outcomes and reduce costs by adopting value-based care practices. By aligning incentives with patient outcomes, providers can prioritize preventive care, personalized treatment plans, and multidisciplinary care teams.
  • 2. Invest in AI Expertise: To leverage the full potential of AI, organizations must invest in technical talent and research. Building a team of skilled data scientists and AI experts is crucial for developing innovative solutions and scaling AI initiatives effectively.
  • 3. Focus on Real-World Impact: When developing AI solutions, it is essential to prioritize real-world impact. Organizations should ensure that their AI tools and technologies are designed to address specific challenges and deliver tangible value to end-users. By staying focused on solving practical problems, AI can revolutionize industries and drive meaningful change.


The expansions in partnerships in the healthcare and AI sectors reflect the growing importance of collaboration and innovation in driving positive outcomes. The collaboration between Somatus and Kidney Care Center aims to improve kidney care for patients across multiple states, while McKinsey's QuantumBlack Horizon empowers organizations to scale their AI initiatives effectively. By embracing value-based care, investing in AI expertise, and prioritizing real-world impact, organizations can navigate the evolving landscape of healthcare and AI to deliver enhanced patient care and drive transformative change.

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