The Evolution of Kalderos and Walgreens' Healthcare Expansion

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Oct 07, 2023

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The Evolution of Kalderos and Walgreens' Healthcare Expansion


The healthcare industry is constantly evolving, with companies seeking innovative solutions to improve patient care and streamline processes. Two notable players in this space are Kalderos and Walgreens, both making significant strides in their respective areas. In this article, we will explore the evolution of Kalderos and Walgreens' healthcare expansion, highlighting their unique approaches and the impact they are making.

Kalderos: From Drug Discount Management to Collaborative Solutions

Kalderos made a name for itself as the creator of the world's first Drug Discount Management platform. This platform aimed to enhance collaboration among drug discount stakeholders by offering better data, transparency, and trust. However, the company has since pivoted and expanded its offerings. In July, Kalderos launched Grappa, a tool that enables cover entities to easily review claims. This shift demonstrates Kalderos' ability to adapt and evolve to meet the changing needs of the healthcare industry.

Walgreens: A Commitment to Integrated Healthcare

Walgreens, a well-known retail pharmacy chain, has been making significant investments in its healthcare services. With its latest Village Medical at Walgreens primary care location in suburban Chicago, the company reaffirms its commitment to becoming a fully integrated healthcare company. By co-locating medical clinics with its stores across multiple states, Walgreens aims to provide convenient access to primary care for its customers. This strategic move highlights the company's dedication to improving patient care and exploring new avenues within the healthcare space.

Collaboration and Innovation: Connecting the Dots

While Kalderos and Walgreens operate in different segments of the healthcare industry, there are common threads that connect their journeys. Both companies recognize the importance of collaboration and innovation in driving meaningful change. Kalderos' emphasis on collaboration among drug discount stakeholders aligns with Walgreens' vision of closer collaboration between primary care physicians and pharmacists. By connecting these dots, we can see a broader trend of cross-functional collaboration emerging within the healthcare landscape.

Insights and Unique Ideas:

One unique aspect of Kalderos' evolution is its origin in the 340B program. This program aims to provide discounted drugs to eligible healthcare organizations, but it has faced challenges in ensuring transparency and accountability. Kalderos' creation of the Drug Discount Management platform addresses these issues, showcasing the company's dedication to improving the efficiency and integrity of the 340B program.

Walgreens' aggressive move into healthcare services under previous CEO Roz Brewer demonstrates the company's determination to diversify and expand beyond its traditional retail pharmacy model. Despite the challenges faced by its healthcare services segment, Walgreens remains committed to its healthcare strategy. This unwavering commitment underscores the company's belief in the viability of its integrated healthcare model.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Embrace collaboration: Whether you operate in the healthcare industry or any other sector, fostering collaboration among stakeholders can lead to innovative solutions and improved outcomes. Look for opportunities to collaborate with other organizations or professionals within your industry to drive meaningful change.
  • 2. Adapt to changing needs: The healthcare industry is constantly evolving, and it is essential to stay ahead of the curve. Take cues from Kalderos' pivot and be willing to adapt your offerings to meet the changing needs of your customers or clients. Stay informed about industry trends and emerging technologies to identify opportunities for growth and innovation.
  • 3. Stay committed to your vision: Like Walgreens, it is crucial to remain committed to your long-term vision, even in the face of challenges. Evaluate your strategy regularly, make necessary adjustments, but stay true to your core objectives. Persistence and determination can often lead to breakthroughs and success.


The evolution of Kalderos and Walgreens' healthcare expansion exemplifies the dynamic nature of the industry. By embracing collaboration, adapting to changing needs, and staying committed to their vision, these companies are making significant strides in improving patient care and driving innovation. As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, it is vital for organizations to learn from these examples and proactively seek opportunities for growth and transformation.

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