Unleashing the Power of Unique Content and Finding Your True Fans

Aadil Verma

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Apr 22, 2024

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Unleashing the Power of Unique Content and Finding Your True Fans


In today's digital landscape, where content creation and audience engagement are essential for success, two individuals, Trung Phan and Shaan Puri, have managed to carve their own paths and achieve remarkable growth. Their experiences provide valuable insights into how to create binge-worthy content and cultivate a dedicated fan base. By combining their strategies, we can uncover actionable advice for aspiring content creators and entrepreneurs.

1. The Importance of Filtering Information:

Trung Phan has amassed an impressive following on Twitter by curating unique and engaging content. His secret lies in his ability to efficiently consume information. Trung starts his day by reading must-read newsletters, browsing through financial media apps, and exploring platforms like Quora and Reddit. By actively filtering and absorbing information, Trung ensures that he stays up-to-date and discovers hidden gems that can be transformed into viral content. This approach emphasizes the need to streamline information flow and develop good taste in content filtering.

2. Leveraging YouTube's Algorithm for Viral Content:

Trung also acknowledges the power of YouTube's algorithm in identifying viral content. He believes that YouTube's sorting system is one of the most effective for uncovering content with high potential for virality. Trung's strategy involves using YouTube as the first layer of his content curation process. If a video has already gained traction on the platform, it passes the "minimum viable virality" test. Trung then goes a step further by adding his unique insights and perspectives to create even more compelling stories. This approach highlights the importance of leveraging existing viral content as a foundation for creating engaging narratives.

3. Hiring Based on Potential and Unique Skills:

Shaan Puri's experience with hiring Steven Bartlett demonstrates the power of recognizing potential in individuals. Despite Steven's lack of experience, Shaan saw his potential through his exceptional writing skills. Furthermore, Steven's ability to successfully promote his own startup through themed Instagram and Twitter accounts showcased his resourcefulness and creativity. This unique approach to promotion not only caught Shaan's attention but also laid the foundation for Steven's future success. By recognizing and nurturing unique skills, entrepreneurs can tap into untapped talent and propel their ventures forward.

4. Understanding the Challenges of Podcast Growth:

Podcasts present a unique set of challenges when it comes to audience growth. Unlike other forms of content, podcasts lack the viral and paid growth engines. Virality is difficult to achieve due to the solitary nature of podcast consumption. Additionally, paid advertising is not as effective for podcasts, as the medium requires a highly niche audience. However, podcasts can still experience growth through the sticky engine, which relies on creating a deeply engaging and valuable experience for listeners. Over time, these loyal listeners become advocates who voluntarily spread the word about the podcast. This slow and steady growth strategy is the key to podcast success.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Develop a streamlined information consumption routine: Take inspiration from Trung Phan's approach and create a system for efficiently consuming information. Identify reliable sources, such as newsletters and media apps, and explore platforms like Quora and Reddit for unique insights.
  • 2. Leverage existing viral content: Use YouTube's algorithm as a starting point for identifying viral content. Analyze what makes these videos popular and add your unique perspective to create compelling narratives.
  • 3. Recognize and nurture unique skills: When hiring, look beyond experience and qualifications. Consider individuals with exceptional skills or talents that align with your vision. By recognizing and nurturing their potential, you can unlock untapped talent and drive success.


Trung Phan and Shaan Puri's journeys provide valuable lessons for content creators and entrepreneurs alike. By filtering information effectively, leveraging existing viral content, recognizing unique skills, and understanding the challenges of podcast growth, individuals can create engaging content and cultivate a dedicated fan base. The key lies in finding the right balance between consuming information, adding unique value, and fostering genuine connections with the audience.

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