The Counterintuitive Nature of Startups and the Revival of Email with HEY

Aadil Verma

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May 08, 2024

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The Counterintuitive Nature of Startups and the Revival of Email with HEY


In the world of startups, success and failure often hinge on counterintuitive decisions and actions. Founders often find themselves at odds with conventional wisdom, leading to a lack of trust and belief in advice from others. This article explores the counterintuitive nature of startups and the importance of focus in early-stage companies. Additionally, it delves into the transformation of email with the introduction of HEY, a revolutionary email and calendar platform.

Counterintuitive Nature of Startups:

The world of startups is filled with counterintuitive decisions and actions. What may seem logical and straightforward in a traditional business setting can often lead to failure in the startup realm. This is partly because startups are often venturing into uncharted territory, where there are no established rules or guidelines to follow. As a result, founders must rely on their instincts and experiment with unconventional approaches to find success.

However, the counterintuitive nature of startups poses a challenge when it comes to receiving advice. Founders are often skeptical of advice that goes against their instincts because it sounds wrong to them. This skepticism stems from the fact that so much about startups is counterintuitive, making it difficult for founders to trust and believe in advice from others until they have experienced it firsthand.

Importance of Focus in Early-Stage Startups:

Focus is crucial for early-stage startups, as they face numerous challenges and have limited resources. Without a clear focus on the problems that matter most, founders risk wasting time and energy on issues that are not essential to their success. This is particularly problematic when there are no team members other than the founders to address critical tasks.

At Y Combinator (YC), a renowned startup accelerator, the emphasis is on identifying the most significant problems and devising actionable solutions. The goal is to tackle these problems with a resolution of a week or less, allowing for quick iterations and measurable results. By focusing on action and tangible outcomes, founders can optimize their limited resources and increase their chances of success.

The Role of HEY in Email Revival:

Email, once a cherished form of communication, has lost its luster due to the influx of unwanted messages and clutter. The rise of automated emails and the lack of control over who can reach us has turned email into a chore rather than a joy. However, the essence of email as a powerful tool for connecting people remains intact.

HEY, a new email and calendar platform developed by 37signals, aims to revive the magic of email. HEY recognizes the value of email in facilitating communication across cultures, continents, and communities. It acknowledges the simplicity and reliability of email while addressing the issues that have tarnished its reputation.

With HEY, users regain control over their inboxes and can curate their email experience. Unwanted messages are filtered out, and only essential emails make their way to the inbox. HEY simplifies the email process, making it a delightful experience once again. By modernizing email for the way we communicate today, HEY aims to reinstate the joy and value of this timeless form of communication.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Embrace counterintuitive thinking: In the world of startups, conventional wisdom may not always apply. Be open to exploring unconventional approaches and ideas, as they may lead to breakthroughs and success.
  • 2. Prioritize focus: Identify the most critical problems and allocate resources accordingly. Avoid getting caught up in tasks that do not contribute to the core objectives of your startup. Maintain a laser-like focus on what truly matters.
  • 3. Take control of your inbox: Don't let email become a burden. Utilize tools and platforms like HEY that help filter out unwanted messages and provide a streamlined email experience. Take back control and make email a joy once again.


Startups thrive on counterintuitive decisions and actions, often challenging conventional wisdom. Founders must navigate uncharted territory, relying on their instincts to make critical choices. The importance of focus cannot be understated, especially in the early stages of a startup when resources are limited. By focusing on the most significant problems and taking quick, measurable actions, founders can increase their chances of success.

In the realm of email, HEY offers a refreshing take on revitalizing this cherished form of communication. By addressing the issues that have made email a chore, HEY aims to reintroduce the joy and simplicity of email in today's digital landscape. Embracing counterintuitive thinking, prioritizing focus, and taking control of our inboxes are actionable steps we can all take to improve our startup journeys and email experiences.

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